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Rumor Has It: Mia Thornton Exiting RHOP Ahead of Season 7! Plus, Mia Moves into a Massive House in Potomac!

The word on the street is that Mia Thornton’s time on Bravo is coming to an end!

On Sunday rumors began to swirl that Mia was exiting the Real Housewives of Potomac after only one season.

While it’s unclear if Mia was fired or quit the show, all we do know is that she reportedly won’t be a part of season 7 of the franchise.

Let’s dive into what we do, which TBH isn’t a lot but there’s still quite a bit to unpack.

It seems that gossip about a Potomac Housewife either quitting or being fired started going around over the weekend. Many believe the gossip is about Mia however some believe it could be about Askale Davis or even Wendy Osefo.

The report of Mia’s alleged firing or quitting really started to swirl when The Peach Report Daily tweeted: *pretends to be shocked* #RHOP.” 

One fan replied: “Y’all keep saying Mia, but it’s probably Askale not returning. Which we all knew would happen,” however another fan noted, “I think it is Mia she blocked Nicki after the reunion & took RHOP out her bio & apparently stopped talking to the cast.”

Another Bravo fan asked, “Mia or Wendy gone?” while someone confirmed: “Mia is not returning.”

It seems that Mia must have tweeted something about no longer being a part of RHOP but then quickly deleted the post.

“Now we all knew Mia was going to be a tweet and delete moment,” one fan quipped while another added: Like we knew this was happening! She was trynna play coy a few weeks after the reunion ‘we’ll see what happens, and if it fits my husband and I.'”

Mia has removed any trace of RHOP and Bravo from her Instagram and Twitter profiles.

So, what are fans saying about this tea? Not surprisingly there’s a lot of opinions.

“So another new cast member I’d have to vet as a viewer all over again? I’m tired, I want them to last at least 3 seasons,” one fan shared.

“If Mia walked away, clearly she feels the show serves her no purpose, what’s wrong with that?” a fan wrote while another added:

Other fans feel Mia was on the wrong show and that they think she will pop up on Monique Samuels’ new show: Love and Marriage DMV.

“Oh well. Lol. She was on the wrong show anyways,” a fan said to which a second agreed: Mia can join Monique on #LAMDMV.”

See what else RHOP fans had to say below!

Meanwhile, Mia recently moved into a massive mansion in Potomac, which is a major upgrade from her Baltimore penthouse.

On RHOP‘s December 5 Secrets Revealed episode, Andy Cohen asked,  “Mia, do you and G still live in the penthouse in Baltimore?”

“No, we don’t,” Mia responded. “We’re in a house now.”

Now, weeks later Mia is giving fans a look inside her new home and it’s quite fabulous.

The Real Housewives of Potomac is expected to return for season 7 in mid-to-late 2022.

Thoughts on this all? Sound off below!

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