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Lisa Barlow Denies Sabotaging LGBTQ+ Event After Being Accused of Doing So From Whitney Rose; Reveals What Really Happened!

Things got messy on Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. In the episode, we meet Lisa’s friend Angie. The two have been friends for years and Angie obviously is a friend of the housewives due to Lisa’s recommendation. Angie hosts an LGBTQ+ event and tells Lisa that she is inviting Whitney. Lisa acts fine with it but in her confessional says they find their new friendship odd. The two recently met and Angie is aware Lisa & Whitney Rose have beef.

Days before Angie’s big event – the catering company cancel, and Angie meets up with Whitney to tell her about it. She says that this catering company has also done business with Lisa. Whitney then tells Angie that Lisa is totally sabotaging her event because the text came hours after Lisa found out Whitney was invited.

So, what is the actual truth? Lisa took to Instagram to explain that Whitney and Angie missed a key part. Lisa says that they did have catering saying, “She forgot a key part. She had catering.!!!! I would never cancel a caterer nor is that something anyone could do @marconiccoli and @aubreyniccoli are amazing people. Apparently, they couldn’t cater casino night, but HIS BROTHER was able to help while they focused on their new restaurant. The food was amazing. Marcos’s brother did an absolutely amazing job!!!”


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Lisa also tweeted, “If you’re going to read a text message out loud, make sure you’re not improvising. #Ivegotreceipts #RHOSLC”

Personally I don’t believe Lisa tried to sabotage it especially if the company came up with a solution from another great catering company and I find Angie quite shady if she is going to Lisa’s enemy of all people and telling her things Lisa said about her. We’ve all told our close friends things and we all assume that those things will stay between us even if they end up meeting the person we vented about.

Who do you believe?

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