RHOSLC Recap: Whitney Rose Accuses Lisa Barlow Of Sabotaging LGBTQ+ Event That Leaves Lisa In Tears

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The ladies of Salt Lake City are continuing to bring it. Sunday’s episode continues with Meredith and Jen Shah face to face. Lisa really wants Meredith and Jen to make things work and Meredith feels like Lisa wants this simply to make her life easier.

Lisa says she understands why Meredith is hurts about the whole Brooks situation and compares it to when some stranger told her that her son at 3 years old had a big head. Bad comparison Lisa. Very bad comparison.

Jen still pretends like she did nothing wrong while her assistant tries to calm her down. It’s odd because Jen will act confused and then she will almost justify what she did by saying he came for her vagina? Which one is it Jen?

Jen ends up approaching Meredith and apologizing – she also says she will speak to her team. Meredith is receptive so this is a start.

We then see Lisa go to a friend’s house that we haven’t met while meeting the newest friend of housewives, Angie. Angie and Lisa have known each other for some time. Looks like Lisa now has two people she brought on the show and that’s telling that she knows quite a few people. Angie is hosting a casino night benefitting an LGBTQ+ and opens up about having a transgender son. Angie tells Lisa she invited Whitney and asks Lisa if shes okay with it. Lisa says she will never tell anyone who they can or can’t hang out with it and leaves it at that. In her confessional Lisa says she finds it odd that they are suddenly saying they are cousins when they just met.

Meredith then goes over to Mary’s home and it’s awkward. I don’t think Mary had any food out or even offered water. I personally think if someone is going to come to your house – you should have some munchies out. But Mary doesn’t seem to get it. They talk about the casino event and Jen Shah. Mary hasn’t spoken to Jen Shah so things should be interesting. You could tell Mary doesnt even want to go to the event which again makes me wonder why the hell she is cast on the show. These people aren’t actually friends with her and have nothing in common with her.

Whitney meets up with her new BFF & Cousin Angie. Of course, they discuss Lisa. Angie and Lisa have been friends for years and Lisa probably got Angie on the show, but Angie is questioning Lisa as a friend so goes to her enemy Whitney to talk about it. Weird for a friend to do? Just my opinion. Angie tells Whitney that her caterer who has also worked with Lisa in the past texted her that they can’t do the event. Whitney asks if this text came after the fact that Angie told her she would be inviting Whitney. Angie says it did and made it clear to Whitney that Lisa was bothered by Whitney being invited but, in the scene, I don’t remember Lisa being that bothered? Whitney tells Angie that Lisa is sabotaging her event and is firm that there is no coincidence that the caterer would cancel hours after Lisa was aware that Whitney was invited. Angie says she would be so hurt but I just think if that was the case – she should go straight to Lisa versus her enemy Whitney?

It’s casino night! The event looked amazing, and everyone arrives looking beautiful. We do see a quick scene of Lisa saying, “there’s nothing worse than being at a party with no food.” But that was the only context we got. I feel like producers were being messy there because we didn’t hear the full conversation but who knows?

Lisa is a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and she seemed so thrilled and supportive when someone donated $1 million to the cause. So, I truly don’t think Lisa was behind this. Angie pulls Lisa into a room and asks her whether she was involved with the caterer’s cancelling. Lisa seems stunned but is also all over the place because I truly didn’t think she was expecting Angie to ask her that. Jen, Meredith, Whitney, and Angie’s husband join the conversation. It’s unclear why Angie’s husband was there. Lisa is beside herself that she is accused of this and finds out that Whitney said she was sabotaging her. Lisa is confused why Whitney inserted herself in this conversation and Whitney doesn’t care. Whitney even reveals that Angie told her she didn’t want her to follow Whitney on social media or acknowledge they are related. Lisa doesn’t deny saying this but cannot believe that Angie would tell Whitney – a new “cousin” what Lisa told her in confidence.

Look – I get where Lisa is coming from. These two are obviously real friends and it seems like Angie JUST met Whitney and they “clicked” so for her to tell Whitney what her friend of years said to her in confidence is gross.

Lisa starts crying and she just wants to go home. Whitney feels like her reaction is showing she’s guilty. I truly feel like she’s hurt and that she just hates Whitney.

Do you believe Lisa tried to sabotage the event? Are you team Lisa or team Whitney?

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