RHOP Recap: Candiace Dillard Hits Below The Belt Insulting Mia’s Mother For Being A Broke B*tch And Starts A Fight By Throwing Things At Her

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Oh my God. The ladies of Potomac are absolutely savage. I don’t even know what to think after watching Sunday’s episode. I would have so much anxiety being friends with this group of women because they all always have so much to say.

This episode focused on the back and forth drama with Mia Thornton and Candiace Dillard. Candiace is still very hurt that Mia referred to her music video as low budget so she keeps hitting below the belt with her. It’s interesting to see that Candiace’s mother has said the most toxic things to her but she never lashes out on her the way she does these ladies. I get it – it’s her mom. But what her mom does to her isn’t very cool as a mother.

The ladies go on Wendy’s planned trip and Mia is a little nervous because this is the first time her mother will be watching her children. And I don’t blame her.

As they all arrive to the house – everyone starts letting loose and having a few drinks especially Mia’s husband Gordon Thornton. He drinks more than he should have and you could see another side of him. Mia seems okay with it and lets him be who he wants to be. I respect that Mia accepts who he is and doesnt try to tell him to hide it but my oh my – he was a bit much.

Prior to everyone coming – Mia opened up to Wendy about why she’s so nervous leaving her kids behind and I really liked seeing Wendy being kind towards her about her mother situation. She even seemed to understand why it would be really hurtful with Candiace calling Mia’s mom low budget. Regardless – I don’t know why Candiace is bringing up any mom in the situation but she is such a vile human so it’s no surprise. For someone who is trying so hard to have a singing/acting career – she should probably take Mia’s constructive criticism over her “low budget” music video if she wants to be taken seriously.

From the second Candiace walked into the home – she kept coming for Mia because she is obviously bothered about Mia’s comment about her music video. Again – Candiace seems to be deflecting from the real problem which is her mom. I mean, really, why would Mia ever feel comfortable to ask that question to Candiace’s mother if Candiace’s mother wasn’t talking crap herself? That’s the real problem here.

Askale and Candiace go upstairs as Askale arrives later so Candiace let’s her in on Mia’s husband and how drunk he is. Wendy soon follows and they all talk about Mia. Mia then comes in and knows the ladies are talking about her so asks what they are talking about. Earlier Mia’s husband tells her to shut the f up so Askale asks about that. Mia doesn’t seem to have an issue with it. And Candiace seems to even though she admits she and Chris talk like that to each other all the time behind closed doors… Candiace continues to throw digs at Mia and you could tell she so badly wants to hurt her because hurt people hurt people. Wendy insinuates the comment Candiace made about her mom wasn’t cool because she doesn’t know her story. At this point Candiace is aware that Mia’s mom is a sensitive subject so you think she’d never bring up her mom but then again – it’s Candiace and she has no filter. She also continues to talk about Mia’s appearance much like she did Ashley. It’s pretty pathetic of her.

Mia tries her best not to react to Candiace and finally Karen and Ashley join the ladies which is a relief for Mia. Ashley asks Mia what’s wrong in which Mia says Candiace is mean. This makes Candiace lose it and she inserts herself in the conversation. She tells Mia that she needs to seek therapy. Mia is doing her best not to react so Candiace keeps going and then calls Mia’s husband her pimp in front of him. Mia still laughs it off and heads over to her husband and joke that he is her pimp. As Mia tries to leave, Candiace flicks a piece of lettuce at Mia and tells her if she is thirsty or hungry she should have some. Candiace then continues to go at Mia and say if she is the one who started the fight then she should finish it. She then calls her mom low budget and a “broke b*tch” and tells her to cry in her room about it. At this point – Mia is at her breaking point and grabs the salad and throws it at Candiace before walking off.

Candiace just doesn’t seem to know when to stop. And it’s starting to get sad. She also takes no accountability and while I am still getting to know Mia on this show – I couldn’t help but feel bad for her.

Are you team Mia or team Candiace? Thoughts on tonights episode?

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