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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Premiere: Jen Shah Almost Gets A Divorce And Meredith Remains Disgusted By Her

What a premiere! The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are back and did not disappoint. I usually find most premieres pretty boring as they always focus on updates of all the housewives but this one totally deserved to be an extended episode.

Sunday’s episode begins with a producer setting up cameras for a girls cast trip. The ladies are all on the bus getting ready to go when Jen gets a phone call from her husband. She immediately seems panicked and asks Whitney to take the mic off from her which is very unusual unless of course – it’s a big emergency which clearly this was. Jen suddenly tells the ladies she must go with no explanation. Everyone is confused and 12 minutes later, cops surround the party bus and let producers know they are looking for Jen Shah. Whitney later grabs her phone and finds out Jen is being arrested for fraud involving a telemarketing scheme that targets older people.

Producers then ask the ladies if they know who tipped off the feds with clips later in the season pointing to Meredith. Whewwwwwwwww it’s only been two minutes and so. much. drama.

We then go back to two months earlier prior to the arrest where Lisa visits Jen at her new house. Jen has a candid conversation with Lisa and admits that six months ago she and coach Shah almost got divorced. Was anyone really surprised by this? Nope. I mean just think of Jen’s behavior and now it being aired for the world to see and add Coach Shah to the mix – and of course he’s going to have an issue. Jen says that they almost got a divorce and thought she thought her life was over. She says that she and Coach Shah got into an argument and the next day a divorce attorney contacted her. They then entered couples therapy and she says it’s been good for their marriage. Despite Jen being a huge mess – I can appreciate anyone who wants to work on their marriage. They’ve been married for 26 years so kudos to them.

Meredith, Whitney, Heather & Mary all go for some lunch. We see Meredith more emotional than usual as she opens up about the loss of her father. You rarely ever see emotion from Meredith so this was very shocking. Also what was shocking is her different appearance? I don’t know if she did more – did less but something seemed very different with her face. Maybe her lips?

Later in the episode Meredith invites her longtime BFF of ten years, Lisa over. With losing her father – she admits she needs a friend so has Lisa’s family over. The two sit together and things get heated. Jen’s name obviously gets brought up and Meredith says she needs Jen to apologize to her family for the “terrible, despicable, repugnant things” she has done to them. Meredith details Jen’s homophobia towards Brooks and reveals Jen continues to like inappropriate things regarding him on twitter. Lisa then suggests she will talk to Heather so Meredith should be open to hearing an apology from Jen. Meredith says it’s not the same. In an interview clip Lisa explains, “To me, what Jen did to Meredith was not much different from what Heather and Whitney did to me. They perpetuated and created lies about me and my character.” And in an interview clip with Meredith – she says that arguing about whether they knew each other in college and having a problem with all these homophobic references in regards to her son are two completely different things. And I am probably one of the few who will say this – but I do think it’s very similar. Here’s why – Lisa & Heather’s drama started off because of the whole college BS – but then it escalated and while I really enjoy Heather – she came for Lisa throughout the reunion and it had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they knew each other in college.

Meredith is most upset that Jen liked a tweet that referred to Brooks as a twink which she finds to be very homophobic. The tweet said, “Frankly, I don’t understand the praise and hype for Brooks because I see nothing more than a privileged twink.”

I truly never knew what twink meant until I googled it after this episode and found that it describes young men so I’m a little unclear here.

We later meet the newest housewife Jennie and she seems like a perfect addition. She’s longtime friends with Lisa and comes off as an open book. Someone who will be her authentic herself throughout the season.

We find out that Mary has started a podcast! She says it has been very hard for her with the pandemic not to go to church so she decided on a new journey and to start a podcast.

Back at Whitney’s house – she and her husband host a birthday party for Justin’s adult children from his first marriage. We find out that Justin has three adult children who are 29, 26 & 23 while we are reminded that Whitney is 34 years old. The boys enter the house and Whitney is in her bikini already with her tata’s hanging out and I don’t know why but I felt uncomfortable. Sure – they were all going to go swimming but it seemed to be a bit much because they had just entered the house and weren’t swimming yet so it just felt weird. At least for me. Whitney says she wants to be a role model for her stepsons then proceeds to get drunk with them and do shots with them. It’s clear she relates more to her stepsons than she does her husband who sits back and watches them continue to drink shots.

Truthfully I thought this premiere was 10/10. I never felt bored and even after the extended episode – I wanted more. Thoughts on the season premiere of Salt Lake City?

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