Candiace Dillard Body Shame’s Ashley Darby After She Gives Birth To Second Baby

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Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard’s body was the subject of discussion on the last two episodes of RHOP. Immediately after giving birth to her second son which she had back to back from her first – she starting doing light workouts. Ashley Darby, another Real Housewives of Potomac star, has been supportive of Candiace’s fitness journey. To add pressure to a tired mom of two under two – Candiace poked fun at Ashley’s post pregnancy body by calling it a “wide body a**.” That’s not all – she made sure to add that Ashley was a “filthy milkmaid.” So what provoked all the body shaming from Candiace? Well Candiace was upset over Ashley’s involvement during their Williamsburg getaway. Ashley wasn’t invited but came for a few hours and informed Wendy on the side about rumors circulating about her husband. Candiace thinks this is the reason her trip was ruined although the ladies seemed to still have a good time. Because of this – Candiace started body shaming her. Fans have come to Ashley’s defense on social media with one user saying, “body shaming a woman who has just had a baby Candiace? Wow, youve sunk low before, but this takes the cake.” @Star2897 wrote, “why does Candiace hate Ashley so much – name calling/body shaming. She’s so jealous of Ashley’s growth as a wife + mother. #RHOP” Not only did Candiace body shame her and talk about Ashley’s appearance but Ashley’s husband Michael gave a backhanded compliment when he said he is attracted to Ashley because she’s not overweight. At this point Ashley has hormones all over the place with just having a baby and then this added pressure isn’t very  helpful. I am personally grossed out by the fact that the girls allowed Candiace to say these things and said nothing.

Do you think Ashley provoked this? Are you team Ashley or team Candiace?

Candiace body shamed Ashley due to her involvement during their Williamsburg getaway, where Ashley wasn’t invited but still came for a few hours and informed Wendy about rumors circulating about her husband. Candiace believed that Ashley’s actions ruined her trip, leading her to engage in body shaming.

Fans came to Ashley’s defense on social media, expressing their disapproval of Candiace’s behavior. One user criticized Candiace for body shaming a woman who had just given birth, stating that it was a new low for her. Another fan mentioned that Candiace’s actions stemmed from jealousy towards Ashley’s growth as a wife and mother.

Yes, apart from Candiace, Ashley’s husband Michael also made a backhanded compliment about her weight. He mentioned that he is attracted to Ashley because she is not overweight. This added to the pressure Ashley was already facing with her hormones being all over the place after giving birth, and the fact that the other girls allowed Candiace to say these things without intervening was seen as disappointing.

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