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Welcome back fans! I hope you’re liking this season because if you’re not you better shut the f*ck up (Erika’s words not mine.)

Can I say I’m jumping for joy that the other ladies finally get a backbone and backup Sutton as Dorit and Kyle try to calm Erika-Zilla as she threatens Sutton Jersey-mafia style. Sutton is terrified of waking up with a horse head in her bed after Erika promises something will happen to her if she’s coming for her. Side note: Erika clearly hints that it’s Tom (not her) would be the one suing her, but if he’s in “diminished capacity” how the hell can he do that? Thoughts? Comments?

After the absolute dinner from hell, Rinna goes over to Garcelle with a hangover (sunglasses in the house style) to confront Garcelle for not thanking Harry for his sauce twice, and thankfully we have Erika’s story line, as if this was the main focus this season I wouldn’t be watching. Garcelle is blunt and says she feels like an outsider (maybe because they have a group name called the FFF) but Rinna is stumped as to why Garcelle would ever feel this way. Garcelle gives concrete examples but Rinna makes the stance that she doesn’t stick up for her friends (unless it’s Erika.) Clearly Garcelle hasn’t been on housewives enough to know that you can’t trust Rinna unless your name is Erika Jayne Chahoy Girardi.

Across town Sutton is meeting Kyle for an auction and the ladies are drooling at the merchandise. The ladies casually purchase expensive pinky rings but the discussion quickly turns to the hellish dinner party that left Sutton in tears. I understand Sutton being frustrated with Kyle but I also wish that she would stop walking away as that’s not how it’s done in the housewives world. Sutton needs to stick around and battle it out with her words, as I do think she is in the right, but leaves before she can make her point. Fortunately she goes back to Kyle and says what everyone is thinking: She is the only one with enough balls to talk about Erika because no on else wants to be on the receiving end of that temper: Preach Sutton!

Meanwhile, Dorit and PK are having a date night but the discussion turns to Erika – because we have nothing else to discuss this season. I’m not a PK fan but I was applauding him when he called it inappropriate that Erika was talking about p*ssy and posing in a underwear when she has never expressed sympathy or remorse for the victims. Am I now a PK fan!?!? Someone help me.

Hoping the second dinner party goes better than the first, Garcelle is brave enough to host a dinner while showing off her Haitian culture which I’m all about. Garcelle looks like a queen but some of the fashion this night is questionable (no pants for Erika and an interesting color block with Dorit.) The food is definitely not what you would expect in Beverly Hills and I do give the girls credit for being adventurous and for tying everything presented to them. Fortunately the dinner goes smoothly as Kyle and Sutton are able to move past the air quote issue; however Erika is scrolling in the corner and you just know she is seething with annoyance.

The party is lovely minus the slip that there was a meeting without Erika (which is oddly triggered by Kyle’s yellow Gucci pants.) The majority of the ladies dip out early but Sutton, Garcelle, Kyle and Crystal stick around. Despite Kyle and Garcelle moving forward after the auction tift there is still a lot of animosity. When Erika and Sutton’s issues come up I think Crystal hits the nail on the head: they are not friends so let’s be cordial but not push it.

Okay so I know my recap is biased but in the words of Tamra Judge – that’s my opinion! So let’s hear from you – what do you think?

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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