RHOBH Recap: Lips Unsealed

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It’s time for the best Housewives franchise of 2021. I don’t know about you but this is the only series that I can’t miss this season. Tuesday nights just don’t feel the same this year but bring on Wednesdays!

We start out with Rinna’s daughters giving us some 90’s fashion realness with a guest appearance by Delilah’s boyfriend Eyal who apparently is a reality star in his own right. Does anyone know anything about him? I admit other than Housewives I don’t follow much reality, so if anyone wants to chime in about him – be my guest! Crystal is hosting a party to celebrate Rinna Beauty, and if you are asking why…I”m just as confused as you are. Dorit stops by to see how the party planning is going, and manages to complain about Garcelle while she’s at it. Dorit defends her softness towards Erika as her not wanting to kick someone when they are down, but where was this side of Dorit at the super secret meeting that they all had? Despite me liking Dorit, I am on Garcelle’s side here as Dorit doesn’t seem to be…wait for it….“Open and Honest.”

We move to see a sad Erika cleaning with a Dyson, admitting that she cleans because she is bored with nothing else to do. As we are supposed to feel bad for her cleaning after being pampered for 30 years? Sorry – no sympathy from this end. Kyle and Rinna stop by for Kyle’s birthday and similar to Dorit, Kyle is suddenly chummy and AOK with Mrs. Girardi. Say what you want about Garcelle and Sutton – at least they hold their ground! Rinna proves that she is a friend to no one as she and Kyle throw Sutton under the bus saying Sutton is most worried about her position in society and Erika calls it very “small town” of Sutton. I think Sutton is most worried that by her being friendly with Erika it looks like she is not upset about the accusations; however Sutton seems to have problems expressing herself. The conversation then pivots to Tom Girardi cheating, and I feel the same as Sutton in regards to that the mistress seems a distraction to the real issue. If Tom cheated years ago, yes it’s bad, but it pales in comparison to what he is being accused of. Erika claims that she stayed in the marriage as she had no where to go, but I think many suspect that she stayed until the money ran out then decided it was time to high tail it out of there. She chose to stay in her marriage for many years and lie about how great it was – so nothing adds up as usual with her.

Crystal does a beautiful job with Rinna’s launch party, and I would be happy to have Crystal host any party for me any day. Rinna proves that she will hustle until the day she dies as there is nothing she won’t do for a buck, including launching lipstick when everyone is forced to wear a mask. The ladies look fabulous (as usual) however I have to question Sutton’s taste (or lack of) in daytime drinks. Erika didn’t have any questions in her choice of beverage as she appropriately orders the ‘no apologies’ drink. Enough said. While the drinks are flowing, Dorit takes the opportunity to air her grievances at Garcelle and even calls her the B word (and I don’t mean bi*ch.) I feel for Garcelle in this scene as I can tell navigating this group  isn’t easy for her and Dorit really threw a dagger when she brought up Palm Springs. Dorit knew that bringing up Palm Springs would be a sore sport for Garcelle, and considering that Crystal already cleared that up, I think it was a low blow on Dorit’s part. Garcelle gets a break as Erika (who you know is steaming mad) yells at Sutton for being small town and their fight pales in compassion for what’s going on with Garcelle and Dorit. All in all, it’s a standard Housewives disasterous get together.

Kyle goes over to Kathy’s and the topic of their family issues come up. Apparently the lip reader (because apparently that exists) brought up American Woman at the party which never sat well with Kathy. Kathy is clearly still salty about the whole issue as she firmly tells Kyle that she would have never have done that without the blessing of the entire family, which Kyle didn’t have. I like to see Kathy and Kyle get along vs. not, as feuding with family is a whole new level of pain. It seems that they are moving towards a healing path and I hope that they can continue on that path.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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