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Elizabeth Vargas Reveals that Braunwyn’s Family is hiding a Dark Secret: Hints Bravo wouldn’t hire her Back as they were Concerned for the Windham-Burke Family!

Now that Elizabeth Vargas is not coming back to RHOC she is spilling the tea and then some.

Vargas was recently on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast and discussed how hurt she was that Braunwyn had contacted her ex-husband while she was going through an ugly divorce and even fed him information. Elizabeth revealed that Braunwyn happily supplied her ex-husband with dirt on Elizabeth while allegedly hiding dark secrets of her own.

Per Elizabeth:

“I was happy she was let go, not just for her but for her entire family. There was some dark stuff happening in the background that only the cast knew was happening to her family. She did everything she could to make sure it did not come out to the public, what was happening to her family. I still will never expose what was actually happening to her family but there was a lot of dark stuff. Andy Cohen came out and said that after the reunion they felt bad about her family, and there is a reason for that. It was a big problem what was happening and I don’t think Bravo wanted to be responsible for that.”

When pressed as to what the dark secret was, Elizabeth said she would not say and hinted that it was actually about one of Braunwyn’s children:

“I think that if I had children, I would not want anyone else exposing their issues.” 

I’m sure Braunwyn is not going to be happy about this allegation, as she tries to put on a ‘one big happy family’ front despite the issues that plagued her throughout last season. Case in point? Recently Braunwyn and Sean announced their separation but maintained their ‘best friend’ status in an Instagram video showcasing them dancing the tango.

If what Elizbeth is saying is true (and Andy Cohen hinted that it was) I’m happy her family is off of reality TV, as it tends to make bad problems even worse.

Thoughts on Elizabeth speaking out? Justified, or did it cross a line?

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