RHOBH Recap: The Liberation of Erika Jayne

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Hello Beverly Hills fans! The big divorce episode is here, and before we begin I just have to say: Erika with her red dress, walking in with the crucifix behind her makes her look evil. Did anyone notice that camera angle there?!

Erika arrives to the Paris party and acts like nothing is wrong, breezing through the door as if nothing has happened. She even has the audacity to ask ‘what’s going on’ and have some light party chit chat. After talk of caviar and Parisian attire, Erika opens up revealing her truth, however I have to wonder if it’s the whole truth. Erika claims that she had to get out of her marriage as she was over being belittled and dismissed; however after 22 years of marriage it’s a bit of a coincidence that she pulled the plug at the same time he went broke and got Alzheimer’s. #JustSaying. I know the fans are going to be complaining that the ladies just go along with her explanation with zero pushback after seasons of them doubting everyone else’s truth. Erika also lets it’s slip that she stole some of the furniture from their Pasadena mansion, and I hope there is a lawyer somewhere taking notes.

Despite us all watching for the Erika/Tom Girardi drama, we have to put focus elsewhere so we have to listen to Dorit and Kyle’s ridiculous argument that no one cares about.  The ladies nip their problem in the bud as after Erika’s big announcement, their drama pales in comparison. With the two resolving their problems, Sutton and Crystal still have theirs and as ridiculous Sutton is, Crysstal is being way too sensitive here. If Crystal is going to hang with this group, having a girlfriend getting a glimpse of you getting changed on a trip is going to be the least of your worries darling. I like Crystal so far, but I’m hoping she’s not trying to make this bigger than it is just so that she has a storyline. In Sutton’s own words: “Let the mouse go.”

Garcelle is someone that would love for the right person to see her naked, as she is looking for love and even has a coach to help her in the process. I love Garcelle and find her authentic and a breath of fresh air in this franchise. Considering everything that Garcelle has been through in her love life and how she carries herself, if anyone deserves true love, it’s her. I hope that she finds her man as I think that she truly deserves to be happy, and she seems to have everything else in her life minus Mr. Right.

Across town, we see Erika’s new place and despite it being a downgrade from her Pasadena mansion, it’s still luxurious and aspirational to the vast majority of people in this world. Erika’s biggest task seems to be fitting her gigantic designer wardrobe into the guest rooms; however fortunately she still has Mikey and an assistant to help make it happen. Erika reveals some details of her marriage, such as Tom telling a colleague he could have Erika if he could afford her and being disparaging to her throughout her marriage; however once again the timing is way too suspicious. Why put up with it for 22 years then decide to leave just before Tom Girardi’s life falls apart? Either it’s the biggest coincidence in housewives history or Erika isn’t telling the whole truth – you be the judge.

To celebrate her divorce, Rinna and Erika meet for drinks and discuss Rinna Beauty which is launching a lip kit line based off Rinna’s infamous pout. Erika loosens up over a hot-toddie (to be clear – not sure how to spell that) and reveals that she left her two decade marriage without so much as leaving a note. Erika stated that she drove Tom to work, told him she loved him and that’s the last she’s ever seen of him. Perhaps her new tagline should be ‘That’s not ice or diamonds – that’s just plain cold.’ 

The ladies arrive at Crystal’s to make dumplings which is an adorable activity if you ask me; however Erika comes in not so innocent bragging about some magical oil all over her know you what. Sutton and Crystal fortunately escape any more of Erika’s TMI comments and step aside to discuss their issues. The two ladies agree that they are over fighting but can’t stop talking about the coat incident despite promising each other that it’s over. Listen ladies, all we are interested in is the Girardi drama this season so fix this so we can move on once and for all. Unfortunately for us, their drama seems to go into next week so get ready for more naked coat drama.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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