RHONY Recap: Elictile Dysfunction

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Hello RHONY fans! If the last election wasn’t unbearable enough for us, we now have to re-live it again (only this time with Heather and Leah….oh yay!)

The 70’s pageant is still under way and while the party looks fabulous I’m not so sure that a talent competition was really necessary. #JustSaying. It is entertaining to say the least but what the ladies lack in talent they make up for in enthusiasm. Despite a wide variety of talents, the crown goes to Leah which I have to protest as her talent was by far the worst (perhaps they were just being lazy as she was already wearing the crown?)

Leah leaves first thing the next morning; however tragically her grandmother passes away in the middle of the night with Leah not being able to say goodbye. Clearly Leah and her grandmother are very close so I’m sure that they had many beautiful conversations even if Leah wasn’t there at the exact moment of her death. Eboni gave a sweet speech regarding Leah and her grandmother which leads to a teary breakfast. The conversation then turns to family and Eboni reveals that she may have another sister and she is ready to explore that potential relationship. Heather then makes a very awkward turn to apologize to Eboni for calling her ‘articulate’ when she meant ‘eloquent’ and Eboni graciously accepts her apology. Eboni seems to be a class act and someone that I would want in my corner, and I’m glad to see that the trip ended on a happy note.

Meanwhile, Ramona is ready to go back to being a working woman and is interviewing with Douglas Elliman (of Million Dollar Listing fame.)  Ramona is given a list of PC words she has to use instead of outdates terms and whoever thinks Ramona will remember and apply these new terms is seriously delusional. Despite her shortcomings, Ramona is a hard worker and knows how to make a buck so you know she is going to everything she can to succeed in her chosen field. Across town, Leah is meeting her boxing trainer to channel her grief, with Eboni and Sonja there to support her. While the ladies are there to support Eboni, Sonja is the one who gets empowered as she is starting to realize she has life to live and love to give and she is here for it.

Election day is here and Eboni’s party has a great turnout (minus Ramona who is terrified of mobs getting to her luxury high rise and has fled the city.) I will say if anyone would do that it would be Ramona so I’m glad to see that she’s staying on brand. During the party, Eboni mentions that she would like to introduce the ladies to Harlem and picturing Luann and Ramona trying to fit in there will a sight to see. Hopefully Ramona has been studying her PC list from Douglas Elliman and is cramming. Ramona then turns to be the topic of conversation at the party as Sonja thinks Ramona is posting photos of her black friends (including Eboni) in the hopes to make herself look better (allegedly.) It’s an ugly allegation, but it is Ramona, so it’s a valid concern. While Ramona is Ramona, Sonja can’t stop being Sonja and makes a drunk mess of herself while trying to champion a valid cause. Sonja’s rant pretty much shuts the party down so Lu exits stage right pretty quickly, just in time for Sonja to go on her drunk monologue.

RHONY airs Tuesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

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