RHONY Recap: Stop and Throw the Roses

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Hello New York fans!

I know there has been some chatter that this season isn’t the best (frankly I agree) but let’s keep the faith and keep on trucking. We are (still) in the Hamptons which makes me wonder how many episodes are they getting out of this mini trip? One person who has had more than enough is Eboni who storms out after Lu calls her an angry woman, which is a very offensive stereotype for black women. Yikes – let’s take ten steps back Luann and apologize ASAP! The other ladies (mostly Heather and her daughter Victoria) try and educate Luann however Lu is on the defense and isn’t ready to see someone’s else perspective.

Someone who thinks they see someone’s else’s perspective but needs to check herself is Heather ‘Holla’ Thompson who claims she understands black families because she worked for Puffy and Beyonce. What Heather fails to grasp is that working for the .001% isn’t exactly understanding the American experience for the average black person. Eboni gently lets Heather know working for some of the wealthiest people in the country doesn’t make you an expert on black culture, and fortunately Heather can backtrack unlike Lu who can’t seem to get over her pride.

Eboni sits down with Lu and calmly explains to Luann why the word ‘angry’ set her off as it painted her with a broad brush which black women have been having to deal with for centuries. While Lu accepts Eboni’s sincere apology, she then rocks the boat by asking for an apology from Eboni. Heather steps in with her self-imposed expertise but Eboni refuses to apologize for being upset for her feelings. Fortunately the two are able to hug it out and I think this just goes to show sharing real feelings will bring real results. Nicely done ladies. Unfortunately it’s two steps forward and three steps back as Heather tries to compliment Eboni by telling her she speaks articulately, unaware that this is also a microaggression. Apparently Heather’s work  with Puffy didn’t make her an expert after all.

The ladies are going on a fishing trip and Ramona has done some Google research to ensure she doesn’t offend Eboni in the hopes that the ladies have smooth sailing. While Leah practices her circus act, Sonja flirts with the fisherman with the dad bod , proving there is literally no place where Sonja can’t find a man. Eboni feels that Sonja doesn’t understand her worth and offers up her matchmaking service, as Alfredo the guitarist isn’t cutting it and Sonja needs to fill up her love tank.

The lovely beach day turns ugly with talk of politics which ignites the beginning of a feud between Leah and Heather, with Leah expressing her distaste for both parties, making her not wanting to vote. One thing the women will be voting on is the RHONY talent show which has a 70’s theme for whatever reason. The ladies are getting ready when Leah gets an upsetting call about her grandmother; however decides to stick it out for the night and leave first thing in the morning.

Things turn ugly quick when Leah hers from Eboni that Heather has been talking about her and goes after Thompson while dressed as a dead prom queen. Personally I feel that Leah is overreacting, most likely due to her being in pain with the new of her grandmother, and Heather pretty much stands there dumbfounded. Leah is so heated that no one can calm her down, which leads to her storming off the bus as she can’t be in Heather’s presence at all. And that’s it for today – Until next week fans!

RHONY airs Tuesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on the season so far?

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