Joe Giudice Suggests Melissa Gorga Was “Financially Strapped,” Accuses Her Of “Emotional Manipulation” And Putting Stress On His Daughters

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Joe Giudice isn’t holding back!

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey staple shutting down Melissa Gorga’s claims that he’s using her and husband Joe Gorga to stay relevant and make money.

Juicy Joe tells The Hollywood Gossip that Melissa’s claims couldn’t be further from the truth. Joe insists he wants Joe and Melissa to stop stressing out his four daughters Gia, 20, Gabriella, 16, Milania, 15, and Audriana, 11.

According to Joe, it’s not good for his girls to hear their own aunt bashing their dad on TV and in the press.

“I understand Melissa is upset after 10 years of her trashing me. I am standing up for my family!” Joe explains.

He then makes some bold claims about Melissa, saying she “plays emotional manipulation.” He also accuses Melissa of “stealing” and being “financially strapped.”

“She plays emotional manipulation,” Joe quips. “Instead of stating facts about her life of [owing] money, stealing, financially strapped!”

“They continue to demean my family,” he continues, “and play the game of repeating “I’m sorry” and work their way back into your good graces.”

“Now, I will not stay shut for production!” Joe adds.

“So, do me a favor and tell me if I upset her for stating [the] truth to everyone?” he asks before adding, “Let’s skip passive-aggressive comments and long-drawn-out fight cycle and keep my name out of your mouths!”

“Long gone are the days when the Gorgas can bash Teresa and me with the latest drama,” Joe declares. “They have their own emotional problems and fake news to spill.”

“To clarify,” he continues, “I really don’t care if you post your fake life or mostly-fabricated scenarios, but the Gorgas will not stress my girls out no more. I can’t allow them to rehash or make up lies about me.”

“I am sorry for the past, and both Teresa and I have moved forward,” Joe explains. “She has forgiven me. And spending time with girls is more important right now, so I’m removing Gorgas label of scapegoat.”

Melissa continues to claim that Juicy Joe uses her and her husband Joe Gorga to make money off articles and more.

This behavior doesn’t sit well with Joe, who accuses the Gorgas of “twisting the truth” yet again.

“IT’S FUNNY HOW PEOPLE CAN COMPLETELY TWIST THE TRUTH!” Joe insists. “Melissa and Joe have been making and taking money off of us and others for over ten years!”

“A piece of advice,” he explains. “I don’t need to make up false storylines to live with my own principles and values.”

“I know how to get along with people and make my own living. If I have done something wrong to my ex, my deepest apologies,” Joe adds. “No one is in the best position to judge other people. You don’t know exactly, Melissa … You don’t know what [people] are up to and what they are going through.”

“Cause it’s all bullshit!” Joe says of Melissa’s meddling. “Just mind your own business. You have a life of your own. Invest your time and energy in making yourself better and keep my name out of your mouth!”

To wrap, Joe shut down Melissa’s claim that he uses her for money.

“Cause honey! You never made me money, and if I had to rely on you, we both be broke!” Joe concluded. “You owe me … say my name, say my name! It’s all you got to make you some cash!”

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Thoughts on Joe’s comments? Do you believe Melissa is financially strapped? Sound off below!

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