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Margaret Josephs Thinks Former Co-Star Siggy Flicker is ‘Pure F*cking Evil’; She Also Dishes on Jennifer Aydin’s Drinking and Danielle Staub’s Instagram Rants

Margaret Josephs mentions it ALL during an appearance on the latest episode of the Betches’ Mention It All podcast.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star shares her true feelings on EVERYTHING from former co-star Siggy Flicker to Jennifer Aydin’s drinking and Danielle Staub’s Instagram rants!

To start, Marge addresses Jennifer’s drinking, which has come under scrutiny this season. During a recent episode of RHONJ, Marge hinted that she thinks Jen could have “a serious drinking problem” after she got fall-down drunk at a party.

Now, Marge says she was truly concerned about Jen and wasn’t judging her at all.

“I really wasn’t judging her at first… I was actually worried about her. And I get concerned… I want everybody to hold themselves in the best light. I’m all about a good time, I love a party girl, but I am very protective of the people I care about,” she reveals.

Speaking of Jennifer, Marge also reveals how she navigates relationship issues on camera. Last week, fans saw Jennifer criticize Margaret for how she spoke to her husband, Joe Benigno.

“It’s good to put the relationship issues out there because people can relate to it,” Margaret explains. “I don’t know one couple in the real world that doesn’t have relationship problems. People were very upset with me the way I yelled at Joe–I don’t give two shits what anybody says. Everybody yells at their husband or wife, screams at them. Cut me a break. That just shows that I’m very real and that Joe and I have arguments. We’re not gonna sugarcoat our relationship.”

Margaret doesn’t like to sugarcoat her marriage, and the same can be said for her feelings about former co-stars Siggy Flicker and Danielle Staub.

“I think some people are insecure, and they cannot distinguish between reality and camera,” Margaret says, referring to her former friend Danielle. “I think that’s what’s disturbing. Danielle is not a horrible person. I think she is damaged. I know she’s going off on Instagram and saying horrible things about me; it doesn’t bother me at all cause I actually feel bad for her. I really do care about her. I think she has a hard time differentiating reality from TV… I only want good things for her, and I want her to be okay.”
However, Margaret notes, “with Siggy, I think she’s pure f*cking evil. And I do feel that way. She’s a stain on New Jersey, and she’s cold, calculating, easily threatened, and [I’m] so happy to be rid of her.”
To wrap, Margaret shared her feelings on the upcoming season 11 reunion.
“I’m pro-reunion. It’s another day of banter for the Marge. I’m always just worried about, are my Spanx gonna show, am I sweating? I know what people are gonna say — Marge, why are you mom-shaming? I’M NOT MOM SHAMING. I can understand a metaphor.”

RHONJ airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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