Let’s Discuss RHONY: Viva la Dysfunction!

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Before we start with our holiday weekend festivities, let’s go out with a bang with the ladies of the Big Apple!

The big finale before the reunion is here and it’s basically a big summary of what has happened all season. Leah is still struggling in her relationship with her mother but at least the two are finally moving in the right direction. From an outsiders perspective both of them need to accept each other for who they are as neither of them are going to change. I’m cheering for their relationship as you only get one mother and it’s clear that Leah’s mom loves her very much, despite not agreeing with her daughter’s wild lifestyle. Maybe we will see them next on WeTV Family Bootcamp?!


Since we are getting a refresher of the season – naturally there has to be a cabaret appearance. Lu’s cabaret is a little stale as she seems to be having the same running jokes that at this point are getting a small chuckle vs. the shock value of her first cabaret. Personally I think the cabaret has run it’s course; however I wouldn’t dare tell the Countess that as she seems to live for it. Maybe Jacques can open for her with his comedy show?


Would it even be a ‘real housewives’ finale if there was no final party? The ladies of the Big Apple know how to have a wild time and it’s proven as Ramona can’t bring a guy around without him having some housewives history be it Harry, Tom or Ron. Apparently Ron frequents Beautique (did he go with John?) and randomly made out with Sonja Morgan around six years ago. I’m impressed with his memory or perhaps Sonja is just that good of a kisser? Either way, Sonja wasn’t too impressed as she has no recollection of it but gives him a sympathy peck for his troubles. Are there any men left in Manhattan that these women don’t have a dating history with?


Finally we are left with yet anther epic Dorinda Medley meltdown for no apparent reason. The ladies look lovely, are enjoying the finale toast when the mere mention of Tinsley sends Dorinda into a downwards spiral. I have to agree with Leah – Dorinda is obsessed with Tinsley and it’s not normal or funny to have drunken meltdowns in every single scene. If Tinsley quit that’s her prerogative – anyone is allowed to quit their job at any time, housewives included. It’s not like she was a Denise Richards who stopped filming when things got hard, Tinsley quit for her personal life and chose love over a reality show (plus – she doesn’t really need the money.) What’s wrong with that? Dorinda needs serious help and if she continues to refuse to apologize, like we heard about the upcoming reunion, she really needs to do some self-reflection:


I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the reunion which will be airing next Thursday at 9/8 CST on Bravo!

Thoughts on the finale episode? Do you enjoy Dorinda’s meltdowns or are they just plain mean?

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