RHOBH Reunion Part 1 Recap!

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Well made it to the reunion ladies and gentlemen! It’s been quite a season and I think we’re all ready to hash it out (what else do we have to do during quarantine?)

The ladies all look fab but Dorit gets my vote for best dressed. She may be in quarantine but she never fails to disappoint!

Garcelle is first in the hot seat and the main focus is her relationship with Kyle which takes front and center. Apparently Kyle is the only one who didn’t realize her and Garcelle weren’t BFF’s despite Garcelle making it clear all season. Garcelle clarified the WWHL comment was a drunk and innocent quip; however sticks to her story that Kyle glazes over her comments which the other ladies agree with. Kyle then retaliates accusing Garcelle of not paying her charity bid; however Garcelle denies it so adamantly that I believe her. Garcelle discusses being the first black housewife in Beverly Hills and admits that the ladies were probably afraid to argue with her as they didn’t want to appear racist and that she felt a lot of pressure to represent her community in a positive light. All in all, I’ve enjoyed Garcelle in her freshman season and hope she returns. Garcelle also gets a gold star from Erika as she was the first woman to reach out and ensure that her police officer son was doing okay during the riots – props to Garcelle as that was an amazing outreach and she has known Erika for the least amount of time.

Sutton joins the group and hashes out her differences with Dorit who attempts to apologize; however Sutton seems to not be having it until changing her mind suddenly and accepts Dorit’s apology out of nowhere. At the end of the day, the ladies like to be friends with Sutton as she gives amazing gifts, has amazing gift bags and invites the ladies on private plane – so if she has a faux pas you know all will be forgiven in time. All the ladies seem to have grown warm to Sutton, minus Teddi who is still upset that she insulted her black romper and called her boring. Sutton admits that she tried too hard at the beginning but felt more natural towards the end and I have to agree that by the end of the season I was a Sutton fan.

We (finally) get to Denise Richards who should get the MVP award of this season as 90% of the drama revolved around her. Andy goes in hot on Denise calling her out on lies and is it just me or are Denise eyes really red for the reunion? Either she is constantly on the verge of tears or she needs some Visine. Erika then goes in on Denise for pulling her aside and singling her out for being crude at the family BBQ. Erika then deflects her comments regarding Denise’s daughters having threesome stating it was about teenagers in general and not her daughters (which I’m not buying for a second.) I thought the comment was awful and the fact that Erika didn’t apologize for it is not cool. I feel bad for Denise as she is getting is pretty bad and fortunately Kyle jumps in to say that she understands why Denise didn’t want her daughters to hear those comments. Thank goodness she has some nice allies as between Erika and Rinna are brutal. Yikes. Wow.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on Part 1? Were Erika and Rinna too hard on Denise or was it all fair?

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