Let’s Discuss Vanderpump Rules: All Daugs go to Heaven

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Hello, Vanderpump fans! Since we’re all in quarantine, we have plenty of time to discuss VPR however before we begin, I wanted to send all of our readers some love! These past few weeks have been rough but I know together, we’ll get through it. Don’t forget to stay indoors and use this time as an excuse to binge seasons 1-7 of VPR if you need a refresher!

Despite the never-ending wedding of Jax and Brittany (finally) being over, we drag it out even more as now we have to watch the gifts. LVP wisely decided to give them their gift in Beverly Hills as she didn’t trust Jax traveling with fine china. In what would be appropriate for Lisa and Ken, turned out to be an odd gift for Jax and Brittany as Lisa gifts them a Tiffany tea set which Jax admits will never be used. I don’t picture either of them sitting down for a spot of tea anytime soon – does tea go with Hooters wings and ranch sauce?

Across town, Schwartz and Sandoval are doing some bromance bonding by shopping in WeHo for an upcoming party, to which the theme still confuses me. Sandoval makes a very serious confession to Schwartz that he bought stilts for the party and I have to ask – at what age will this group stop partying like college kids as they are way past that age? No offense to Sandoval but his party has a serious ‘frat boy’ vibe that isn’t so cute in your mid 30’s. It’s entertaining for us to watch but also a little cringe-worthy. Not to worry – Sandoval made his house payment so the more stilts the merrier:

On to the newbies (and this part is for you guys as I can’t get into the new SUR-vers and their drama.) Max is upset with Danica and the role that she played in his breakup with Dayna. The two had a super short and superficial relationship so I don’t know why Max is so upset, as it’s clear he wasn’t invested. Dayna comes off as a strong, level headed woman which surprises me that she stuck up for Max for so long. I would say good riddance to Max if I were Dayna as he’s the stereotypical WeHo guy that may be nice to look at but you don’t want to date. Showing how mature he is, Max now wants to kick Danica out of TomTom which shows everything you need to know about his maturity level:

Despite the theme being a little confusing at Sandoval’s birthday party – the drama was pretty clear. Between James defending his sobriety against Logan’s accusations and Kristen officially breaking up with her fellow witches of WeHo, it was anything but an easy-going party. I think Kristen is a mess (and a lot of her problems she brings on herself) but I did feel for her this scene. Watching her two friends say that they were no long sisters was hard to watch and I think a little harsh. Kristen’s not my favorite but I don’t like to see anyone hurt, and this scene was definitely hurtful.

Regarding James, I can’t tell if he is just a liar or if Logan is thirsty for some screen time. Logan seems to continue to pop up and start drama so I would still take anything he says with a grain a of salt. Not that I would trust James, but Logan seems a little too eager to get in the cast’s ear and get that screen time. Maybe he’s looking for a job at TomTom?


Overall, not the best episode but I can’t complain as we’re finally done with the Kentucky wedding. I’ll take what I can get at this point!

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday’s at 9 EST on Bravo.

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