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Melissa Gorga Reveals Jennifer Aydin Has Three Nannies While Margaret Josephs Says Jennifer Is Not The Poster Child For A Stay At Home Mom!

On the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey – Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs bump heads over a comment Margaret makes to Teresa. Teresa opens up to the gang while they are at the Jersey Shore about how stressful things have been at home with her. She says she always is having to worry about money ever since her legal battles and Margaret chimes in saying she can relate. Jennifer thinks the opposite and acknowledges that while Margaret is also going through legal battles – her situation is very different as she at least has a husband while Teresa doesn’t have her husband there. Margaret gets upset that Jennifer is trying to ruin a moment between her and Teresa and lashes out on the fact that Jennifer has no job. Jennifer isn’t happy about this because she says raising 5 kids is a full-time job.

On Bravo’s After Show the ladies discuss their take on what happened with Margaret saying, “Sometimes I feel like I empathize with Teresa because she has to feed the beast. There is no way she can get out of this now. Her legal bills are way over her head. She has to work like a dog. She is saying the kids want her at home but she can’t stop working.” Margaret adds that her whole point is that on a lesser scale – she has the same issues with her business getting so big that lawsuits happen and she can never stop working because she has to support a ton of people. Margaret says she understands the feeling of having to keep going and that’s all she was trying to say.

Jennifer’s take? She says that Margaret was clearly having a moment with Teresa and that Margaret didn’t like that she interrupted it.

Margaret says that Jennifer is not the poster child for stay at home moms while Melissa Gorga reveals Jennifer has three nannies and her mother who help her with her five children. Margaret said she doesn’t give a crap if it’s offensive and that Jennifer is not the poster child for working moms or stay at home moms. Melissa says that Jennifer is really unrelatable.

Looks like the ladies really have strong opinions when it comes to Jennifer as a mother.

Thoughts on what Melissa and Margaret had to say? Who’s side are you on?

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