Let’s Discuss Vanderpump Rules: It’s Not About the Pastor!

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Is it just me or is the wedding of Brittany and Jax one of the most dramatic weddings in Bravo history? Keep in mind, we haven’t even got to the alter yet!

This episode was centered around Brittany and Jax’s pastor being in the middle of a homophobic scandal due to old tweets resurfacing (maybe this pastor should talk to Max and Brett?) In addition to that, Jax and Sandoval have a falling out as Sandoval questions the timing of Jax and Brittany firing their pastor, and on top of that Brittany’s princess themed bridal shower gets blasted. So where should we begin in this wedding whirlwind?

After Lisa informed the betrothed about their pastor’s homophobic remarks, Brittany and Jax had some thinking to do as their affiliation to SUR (not to mention TomTom and Pump) puts them in a very pro LGBT group. It wouldn’t look good if they used a homophobic pastor to officiate their wedding, and would naturally make everyone question if their support of the LGBT community was all for show. At first, Brittany defended their pastor (who was also a family friend from Kentucky) and assured Lisa that he was not homophobic; however that was before the receipts came into play.

Sandoval and Ariana (who recently came out as bisexual) were also upset that Jax and Brittany hadn’t acted sooner, as the pastor had been posting anti-gay comments for months at this point. They found the timing of them firing him (and hiring Lance Bass who is a proud gay man) suspicious. Sandoval questioned Jax by stating: ‘I’m wondering why it took Lisa coming to you guys about this guy…,’ before Jax stormed out.

All the meantime, Brittany was crying herself after social media followers were tearing apart her princess themed bridal shower (sorry Brittany – I thought it was pretty ridiculous myself!) Jax came over to tell Brittany about Sandoval questioning their timing which just sent the bride to be even more into a downward spiral. Brittany yelled at Sandoval saying “‘How dare you!I chose to believe him, okay? This is my friend. I’m so sorry that I didn’t go back and look at comments from five f***ing years ago.'” Perhaps Brittany was really upset after realizing that grown women shouldn’t have princesses at their parties?

As Sandoval questioned Jax standing up for the community in the confessional, in real time Jax was questioning whether Sandoval should even be part of the wedding, to which Brittany agreed. Ariana naturally took Sandoval’s side and claimed that the comments triggered her as a bisexual woman. At this point it seems to be Sandoval and Ariana vs. the entire SUR group.

Other events included Raquel almost getting fired for missing her pride shift at SUR, Dayna and Max decided to be exclusive and Dayna and Stassi bonding over their dislike of Scheana. Hey – the enemy of my enemy is my friend!

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday’s at 9/8 CST.

Thoughts on the latest wedding drama?

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