Vanderpump Rules Recap – Vegas Baby!

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Welcome back to SUR – aka Neverland as whoever enters refuses to grow up.

We start out at SUR which is like a Phoenix risen from the ashes. I think the place looks great – and did I mention I will be there next month? Stay tuned to AllAboutTRH as we will have an exclusive SUR story next month!

LVP is taking her new partners (the Toms) to Vegas; however Jax is now coming which just screams business (said no one ever…)

‘Lala from the block’ is recording and we get a flashback of Scheana doing a horrendous valley-girl rap as apparently she recorded in the same studio. Lala is recording a song for “her man” and I need $1.00 for every time that Lala says “my man.” I mean seriously…what is with that? Does she own him? Is he her property? In between takes, Scheana gossips with Lala as she is pissed that Jax was badmouthing her oh-so-perfect relationship with Rob. We all know their relationship wasn’t that great as they broke up so watching these scenes is actually pretty hilarious.

Over at the Bubba residence, Schwartz is getting ready for his business in Sin City and tries to say it’s not going to be a party trip. Sure he’ll say that now but give him a few shots and he’ll be making out with the girl that is closest to him. Jax and Brittany are ready to party and I’m wondering why neither of them are concerned that their friends are soon to be business partners but they have no professional aspirations in their lives. Once in Vegas we find out that Lisa has taken care of their suites (well at least Tom and Tom) and I want to know what I need to do to get a partnership with LVP. Ariana is thrilled to get a taste of the Vanderpump lifestyle and I’m wondering if Brittany is thinking she picked the wrong Sur-ver. Partying starts ASAP as they head down to the pool to drink and act like 12 year olds so it’s obvious that there will be very little business being executed this trip.

Back in WeHo Billie, Lala and Scheana go out for a ladies night and we find that Billie is having some love trouble. Scheana is an expert in love issues so tries to relate to Billie; however somehow Rob comes up again. Lala changes the subject and announces she trusts Stassi to plan an event for her. James will be at the event and she gets emotional about their relationship. It’s obvious the two have some feelings for each other as while she may already have “her man” James Kennedy will always be “her boy.”

In Vegas the shots are flowing and appropriately Brittany brings out a pregnancy test (wearing half a dress by the way.) The thought of Jax and Brittany being parents at this time in their lives is terrifying and luckily fate agrees as the test comes out negative. Jax looked like he was going to have a heart attack (and considering he almost died last episode that is actually a possibility.)

Lala and Stassi meet up to discuss her event as Stassi has a whopping two events under her belt. There will be Lala music and she is ready to ‘spread her legs’ so that everyone can hear Lala’s sweet music. According to Lala the only rule she has is that James cannot drink until he finishes his set – make it happen Stassi!

In Vegas Jax meets his worst fear: a robotic bartender. If a robot can make Pump-tini’s Jax is seriously screwed. The group parties until around 2 AM giving them a few hours to sober up for their meeting. The Tom’s cant believe that that they are up at 9 AM. Apparently “no one wakes up at 9 in Vegas” however when I’m in Vegas I wake up earlier than that to go running. Sigh….I don’t think the Toms will ever grow out of their frat boy mindset. Ken and Lisa meet the two hungover Toms to look at some “industrial romantic” pieces. Apparently TomTom will have a masculine feel which is ironic as the two Toms are about as metro as it comes.

After working for a few hours, the group starts to celebrate Sandoval’s birthday. Jax shockingly does something sweet and buys Sandoval a guitar while Ariana brings the cake. The celebration starts out classy with a nice dinner at Mr. Chow with their partner Vanderpump pulling out all the stops. While the Toms and their ladies dine first class Brittany and Jax are craving Hooters.

In WeHo James and Lala are (once again) flirting in front of Raquel. The topic of Scheana comes up and we get another horrendous flashback of Sheana trying to be street by rapping ‘yo yo yo yo yo.’ Ugh…none of these people have any street cred so please just stop! Lala reiterates that James cannot drink while performing – something I will have to see to believe.

Back to the Sandoval birthday bash, we see the group partying hard (something they vowed not to do.) They end up partying until around 3 AM for their 10 AM meetings. We see LVP being presented the menu for Vanderpump Rose which will be served at Caesars (a huge deal for them) however the Toms are nowhere to be found. The two boys men are hungover and clearly made some poor choices the night before. If I were trying to prove myself to Ken and Lisa I would come early to every meeting vs. disheveled and reeking of alcohol #Justsaying.

The two arrive over an hour late and with sunglasses (no doubt to help with their pounding headaches.) For a business partner, Lisa is pretty lenient and doesn’t seem too pissed that her partners seem pretty unreliable. The team goes over to meet a designer to help with the TomTom concept. Lisa is getting annoyed as the two are not sitting back and learning and me thinks Lisa is regretting her decision at this point. Ken defends them by reminding Lisa it’s an exciting time for them. I’m thinking Lisa wouldn’t be as annoyed if the two didn’t have fireball pouring out of their pores….just a thought!

Until next week folks!

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