RHOBH Recap – Lights Out!

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….and we’re back!

Welcome Beverly Hills fanatics. We start off with Rinna and her ‘oh so hard’ life being a momager to Amelia and Delilah. Apparently Erika is coming to Japan which means her glam squad also goes with her.

In this episode we learn that in Toyko Rinna’s daughter are apparently famous? I’m not trying to be mean but if they weren’t on RHOBH I wouldn’t recognize them, however apparently they have their own fan club in Tokyo. Back in the states, Teddi is visiting LVP and her animal sanctuary. Teddi gets serious envy as LVP has a perfect life with perfect pets and a perfect closet. I mean, which girl doesn’t want the amazing Vanderpump closet?

Dorit and Kyle join the ladies for a luncheon where Kyle discusses her European vacation and the problems of the rich and famous. Apparently her house still does not have new floors which is a serious imperfection in her otherwise perfect life. Kyle and LVP has a little tit for tat over who is more sneaky while Teddi questions the ladies’ friendship with Lisa Rinna. Teddi feels that Dorit is unfair and two face towards Lisa Rinna (which is a fair assessment.)

Over at the Mellencamp casa, Teddi shows us that the family that exercises together, stays together! Teddi is not your average BH housewife as she works out the old fashioned way – running outside vs. personal trainers, expensive Pilates machines or Soul Cycle. I also have to add that the fitness level of Edwin and Teddi are totally relationship goals.

At Villa Rosa LVP is meeting with her BH Lifestyle team as she is now the #bosslady and has some ideas. Lisa shows off her amazing jewels as she plans on showing them off in an upcoming issue. Meanwhile, the equally fabulous Erika Jayne is getting ready for the Hamlin girls Toyko appearance. I’m still confused as to what the girls are doing in Tokyo but Lisa is very much the proud mama (as she should be.) If I’m confused as to what the girls are doing in Tokyo, even more confusing is why Erika is there. Is she their fan or a bodyguard? Either way Lisa Rinna is thanking Kris Jenner for making this whole children with ‘famous last names’ a legit career nowadays.

Back in Beverly Hills, Dorit is the chosen hand model for LVP’s jewels. Note to self: Do not hire Dorit as she is a bigger diva than Mariah Carey. You would think she was going to the Oscar’s in sweatpants for the amount she complains. Dorit is not happy with the photos as she thinks she looks ‘shiny.’ Luckily the scene is short and we quickly move back to Tokyo. Rinna came to be her daughters chaperones but apparently is not needed so decides to walk through the gardens with Erika. Dorit comes up in conversation and Rinna feels that she “owns it” while Dorit isn’t owning anything. This argument is so old and stupid so I don’t understand why we are still discussing it.

Over at Kyle’s, Kyle is freaking out as she is entertaining and her house is still in renovation mode. Apparently someone moved Kyle’s mother’s ashes which is not helping Kyle’s anxiety. Meanwhile Erika and Lisa are having a traditional Japanese dinner and Erika pretty much looks like an anime character. The ladies are entertained by a personal Geisha performance, while Kyle is getting ready to entertain the other ladies.

Kyle’s worst nightmare is apparently the power going out at a party which is now her nightmare come to life. The ladies arrive to the construction zone and apparently Dorit’s diva attitude translates from the photo shoot to Kyle’s house. Not loving Dorit so much this season. Also making an appearance is Camille who has a new man (now fiance) that LVP can’t wait to meet.

Over in Tokyo the ladies are dining (with electricity) and discuss the girls Vogue shoot. The conversation is dry (and weird) and I’m wondering why Bravo kept this in the show. We should really worry about the next generation if they are watching others eat on YouTube. Yeah – no thanks…More interesting is that the girls learn how to perform sexual favors from their mother’s book. Remember…Lisa Rinna will do anything for a buck!

Back at the “hottest” party of the year (pun intended) we watch Dorit get drunk and we get to meet Camille’s boyfriend. Dorit is making an ass of herself and I cringe every time she opens her mouth. Even PK has to tell her to shut it down after using the dreaded ‘C’ word. Ugh…

Until next week BH fans!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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