RHONJ Recap – Ain’t No Misbehaving!

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Happy 2018 Jersey fans!

We start off this episode at envy where Melissa is looking at her Milan merch. Am I the only one who was underwhelmed by the Milan purchases? In my mind I’m calculating how much this stuff will retail for (if it sells) vs. the cost of the actual trip to Milan. Bravo really needs to make their cast trip plots a lot more believable…

Joe Gorga stops by, apparently not happy with his wife’s level of commitment to the Gorga’s family restaurant. Melissa decides she needs to take a step back from the Gorga’s restaurant as she is worried Teresa will make her be a waitress. Kidding (I think?) Melissa think it’s best if she separates herself from Joe’s new venture and focuses on envy and selling the Milan backpacks.

Over at the Macbeth Collection, Marge is doing what Marge does best: have meetings in her home. When I say having a company meetings I mean gossiping about Siggy and the Milan trip. Margaret is also preparing for her upcoming studio 54 party in which she is hashing out the details, dead set on having disco make a comeback.

Over with Tre, Siggy stops by to see her friend do a photo shoot for her upcoming book, Standing Strong. The two discuss the drama in their lives: Siggy and Marge and Teresa visiting her hubby Joe in prison. It’s obvious that Teresa is very upset with her husband for her family’s current situation and Siggy encourages her to be honest.

Over at the Catania family, Dolores and the two Frank’s are doing the ultimate family experience: touring colleges together. Dolores is the ultimate mom and admits that her children are her life and is not ready to see them go. Luckily the school they are looking at is close to home much to the delight of Dolores. It’s a sweet family moment and I’ll say it again: Why don’t Dolores and Frank just get back together at this point???

In a surprising twist, Jan, Margaret’s ex-husband that she cheated on, decides to let Bravo film him and be part of the story line. ‘Friends’ or ‘extras’ of the housewives series aren’t paid so I’m wondering what’s in it for Jan to be front and center of the show?

Marge invites Jan to her upcoming studio 54 party and of course wants Jan’s input on her step-children not speaking to her. Jan states the obvious: the children are upset with her for tearing the family apart. I understand Margaret’s pain that children she helped raise are not speaking to her, but I also doubt they want their family’s drama played out on reality TV. Does anyone else think she should keep this off air if her step kids aren’t looking to be on the show?

Back to Teresa, we finally get to see the repercussions of the infamous ‘prostitution whore’ scene from season 1. Danielle had previously stated that it humiliated and scarred her children as the two were very young and present at the table when that happened. Teresa goes over to apologize, and Jillian, Danielle’s youngest, reveals how awful it was for her after that happened. Teresa makes a sincere apology which a very mature Jillian accepts.

Over with Siggy, we see a warm and deep moment between herself and her father, a Holocaust survivor and scholar. Siggy talks to her father about the comments that Margaret has made, including the infamous ‘Hitler’ comment. Siggy’s father thinks that the ‘Hitler’ comment was inappropriate (as any Holocaust survivor would) and advises her to stay away from Margaret. I do not think Margaret is anti-Semitic but do think the advice to stay away from Margaret is wise as the two will never be friends so at this point it’s useless to even try.

Over at the Gorga restaurant grand opening, Joe reveals to Tre that Melissa wont’ be part of the business which Teresa is obviously livid about (as she won’t get to see Melissa become a waitress.)

As the guests arrive, Siggy heeds her father’s warning and stays away from the Marge and Marge Sr. Joe makes a moving speech about his mother and her influence on the restaurant which was enough to make Melissa eat her words and tell Tre that she does want to be involved (make up your mind girl!)

Marge Sr. apparently wants to meet Siggy, so Danielle tries to make the introduction happen. Siggy declines the invite which is probably for the best as I’m sure Marge Sr. would take her daughters side, only resulting in a new argument. Margaret then is insulted that Siggy doesn’t want to meet her mother which will probably start WWIII between Siggy and Marge…..

Until next week housewives fans!

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