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Hello beautiful Beverly Hills fans!

I have to admit that this season is starting out slow but I still have hope for it.

We start out with the normal montage of the ladies doing their daily ‘thang.’ And by this I mean Lisa Rinna and her housekeeper scouting for rat poop in their kitchen. Um – ew! I’m sure the Rinna/Hamlin household can afford proper pest control so what in the world is going on here??

Apparently the Umansky/Richards household has their own problems as renovations are ruining Kyle’s otherwise perfect life. Apparently Mauricio wants to move but Kyle would rather fix up their current home. Hopefully they didn’t spend TOO much money as we now know they decided to move anyways.

Over at Dorit’s, PK is planning his wifey’s birthday party but also doing what he does best: gossip about the other ladies. Dorit thinks it’s okay to invite Rinna and Erika to the party, as she made amends in Vegas. I’m thinking PK is loving this because it will give him more time to get material to gossip about the girls.

The birthday party is at LVP’s restaurant and is a 180 from ‘Dorit’s Budda Lounge’ but I found it cute. Instead of a rose gold Bentley, this year Dorit gets her adorable son Jagger dressed up in an all white suit much to the delight of his mama. All seems to be going well until Jagger calls Erika Jayne a ‘bad guy’ which Dorit tries to cover up, saying Jagger is going through a super hero phase. In Jagger’s defense with the pulled back hair, black outfit and dramatic makeup, Erika could have totally passed for a Batman villain.

At the party, the other ladies finally get to meet Teddi’s husband Edwin, while Teddi takes the opportunity to let Erika know she felt dismissed in Vegas. I must have missed that along with Erika as neither of us noticed this apparent diss. This part was odd; however adding to it was the bizarre speech that Rinna gave about her new found love for Dorit. I mean yikes – whatever happened to a simple toast to the birthday girl?

The next day, Teddi and Lisa meet for lunch. Due to Eden Sassoon, Lisa Rinna is proceeding with caution with her new friends. The scene is pretty bland as we just learn that every soccer mom needs more than one Cartier bracelet and we still aren’t quite sure if Lisa Rinna’s kids can read.

Apparently the lunch went well as Rinna, LVP and Dorit get the exclusive ticket to Teddi’s riding competition. Looking like proud mothers/aunts the trio arrive with only Rinna dressing appropriately. Teddi is clearly an experienced rider, even winning the first place blue ribbon in the competition. LVP thinks a great friendship will be built on this mutual love for horses. Teddi reveals that riding is what saved her from her parents divorce and is her greatest passion (minus being accountable.)

Speaking of divorce, Erika Jayne is digging deep for her upcoming memoir. Not only will she reveal how she became the woman known to ‘pat the puss’ but she hopes to reveal some of her childhood roots, including her feelings of abandonment from her father. I do feel bad as she told her story of her father stating he ‘never had children’ so I’m thinking her memoir will fill in the puzzle pieces to reveal what makes Erika the way that she is.

Over at Dorit’s, we see Beverly Hills at it’s finest as Dorit has spent nearly $19K in Hermes fine china. I’m not even talking wedding gifts, I’m talking running out to the store that day because she is having a whopping two people over for dinner. You would think she was having Will & Kate over with that china, but it’s just Teddi and Edwin (aka the most normal/down to earth couple on RHOBH.) Dorit insists she is an amazing cook (which I don’t doubt) but her dish looks ‘interesting’ to put it nicely. I need to ask Teddi and Edwin how it really tasted.

All seems to be going well at the dinner party (Edwin even made Teddi stop to get the expensive stuff) until PK becomes….well PK. He warns Teddi about Rinna and Dorit even goes as far to call her schizophrenic. I’m no Lisa Rinna fan club member but I can say Dorit and PK’s behavior was appalling. This coming from the hostess who just made up with Rinna in Vegas and invited her to her birthday party.

Overall, I found the episode to be a bit ‘blah’ but I am liking the cast. Hopefully things will pick up next week…

Thoughts on the episode?

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