RHOBH Recap – Diva Las Vegas!


Happy Holiday Housewives fans!

It may be snowing where I’m at, but it’s heating up for the Beverly Hills ladies in Las Vegas!

We start off with Lisa Rinna arriving much to the delight of no one. Dorit is skeptical to see Lisa as Lisa spread that little coke rumor last season.

Erika Jayne is working the S&M Barbie look with her dream team while Adrienne comes in as a blast from the past. I had to laugh out loud when Kyle stated that group was ‘beginning to look like the Village People.’

The ladies are dining when Dorit drops the bomb that Teddi is the daughter of John Cougar Mellencamp. Lisa R. isn’t having Lisa V. and Dorit gossiping about her but tries to brush it off as she is now ‘nice Lisa Rinna.’ Yeah okay – good luck with that girl! Meanwhile, Teddi tries to convince the ladies that an ‘accountability coach’ is a real job and apparently charges clients to tweet them motivational quotes. Does anyone know how I can get that job?? We also see a throwback pic of Teddi when she was over 200 lbs. Kudos to her for being open and honest about her personal struggles! She seriously looks amazing and is inspirational.

The ladies are off to Tao nightclub and the drinks and dancing start. We see some hot ‘mom moves’ including the infamous ‘Camille dance moves.’ The birthday girls get a shout out on the jumbo-tron and so far everyone seems to be having a good time.

The day after Lisa is face timing with her daughter who is feeling sick from a $280 steak. I mean…I said it last week and I’ll say it again. Rinna and her girls are giving me serious Kardashian vibes. Dorit is speaking with her babies on FaceTime and PK obviously wants the dish on Rinna. PK also gives Dorit a $1 million limit which I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not. I’m thinking a joke but they also own a rose gold Bentley so who knows?

The ladies start off slow with a $5K bet and Teddi is the only one that realizes that $5K is a lot of money. Erika seems to show signs of a gambling problem while Dorit shows signs of a drinking problem. Lifestyles of the rich and famous..am I right? By the pool Rinna, Kyle and Camille are soaking up some sun discussing European vacations as Kyle is going to Croatia with her family soon.

Back at the table, Teddi wins $800 while Erika & Dorit lose everything. Dorit and Erika are getting along great as they realize they both have so much money it basically means nothing to them. I think we were all Teddi clutching her chips at that table during that scene.

Lisa V. and Erika discuss working on their friendship and once again we are schooled by Erika. Last week it was ‘DSL’ and ‘polite’ lips and this week it’s texting between queens vs. girls. Were you all taking notes? Speaking of friendships, Dorit and Lisa R. express being nervous about speaking to each other which we know is going to end in either a screaming match or passive aggressive comments. Time will tell fans time will tell…

Another feud is brewing as Kyle is still pissed at Harry Hamlin for getting involved with her sister’s drama. Kyle runs the situation by Erika who warns her to ‘tread lightly.’ Side note: How is Kim Richards still a story line even though she is not on the show?

The ladies decide to go on the ‘high roller’ Ferris wheel which apparently has a bar inside. This works well for Kyle as she apparently is having a panic attack only to find out that it’s more of a grandma ride. The ladies take the time to take jabs at Rinna as nearly everyone has issues with her. Dorit decides to go first which isn’t going well as Rinna no longer has Eileen by her side (and also has a terrible ‘confessional’ look.) What was with that slick backed hair? Maybe she should keep her 20 year old hairstyle. Overall, Rinna feels like Dorit is unloading and not taking any responsibility. All in all this conversation is pretty underwhelming. If this is the best scene that production had I don’t even want to see what is on the cutting room floor.

The ladies shake hands and move forward after Rinna apologizes, saying what she said was wrong. Kyle decides to jump in now that Rinna is fine with Dorit. Rinna is annoyed that Kyle brought this up but the two end up on fine terms as everyone agrees that Kyle shouldn’t have to fight her sister’s battles. Perhaps every Bravo housewife should go on the ‘High Roller’ as it seems to be where to go to admit your wrongs and come to resolutions!

Later that night over drinks, Erika brings out the ice dildo much to the ladies amusement. Kyle is leaving early for a trip to Croatia leaving the other ladies to grill Teddi about her life. Erika reveals that she didn’t meet her dad until she was 25 which turns into a pretty awkward moment. I think we learned a lot from Erika in this scene as she is pretty tough and cold which I’m sure has a lot to do with abandonment issues. Apparently there was a moment between Teddi and ‘Cool Girl’ Erika Jayne that I must have missed. Honestly, I don’t know what Teddi said that made Erika apologize as I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I will hand it to Teddi that she hit the nail on the head, saying Erika thinks she is cooler than everyone else.

Over brunch, Teddi explains to Dorit that she felt she tried to hard with Erika as Erika tends to make those around her feel insecure. So far nothing too crazy on Beverly Hills but you know pretty soon the Hills will be alive with the sound of drama.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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