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Teddi Mellencamp Answers Your ‘Most Asked’ Questions! Plus – Which ‘Wives Are Already Fans?

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The long await for the premiere of RHOBH is finally over and with it came the introduction of the new girl, Teddi Mellencamp.

Most fans loved Teddi, saying she was down to earth and a breath of fresh air for the show. As we only have had one episode of her so far, Teddi was apparently bombarded with Tweets and DM’s asking for more information.

Teddi took to her Instagram page to thank fans for the love that she received, along with answering some of the most common questions. Teddi writes:

‘Last night was surreal! I’m still taking it all in, especially the comments from the loyal, passionate fans! Thank you, thank you for joining me on this crazy ride. I definitely hold myself accountable for the things I do and I don’t let the ladies off easy either. I have a lot of laughter, make some VERY questionable faces an shed a few tears. But like the great Tom Hanks once said, “There’s always crying in Housewives.” P.S. For those of you DMing me: Yes, I get Botox. Yes, I have a pair of “polite” fake boobs. But my nose is all mine.’

Instagram – Teddi Mellencamp

LOVE how she referenced the ‘polite’ fake boobs as a reference to Erica’s tutorial on a ‘polite’ lip vs. a DSL!

Most of our readers yesterday commented that they were fans of Teddi so far, and you weren’t alone! Two of the OC housewives are already cheering on the new girl and may even be having lunch in their future.

Tamra posted the following photo, sharing both she and Shannon were huge fans writing:

‘On first watch, love @teddimellencamp on @rhobhbravo! Seems down to earth and totally relatable.’

Apparently the feelings are mutual as Teddi replied: ‘Wow, thank you @tamrajudge @shannonbeador! I am in the OC often. We should all grab lunch one day.’

Instagram – Tamra Judge

What are your thoughts on Teddi so far?

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