RHONJ Recap – Fauxpology!


Happy Holiday Jersey fans! We are still in Milan so hold on to your rosary beads!

We continue with the ladies who lunch. Melissa is cycling with Siggy and Danielle while Teresa is cooking with the remaining ladies. Tre shops with a chef named Alberto for her “ingredientses” (one of my favorite ‘Tre-isms’ to this day.) Dolores brushes up on her Italian while Melissa gets her fitness on. Siggy decides to not take her husband’s advice and stays in Italy despite her issues with Margaret.

Alberto and the ladies are ready to make a traditional Italian meal with Tre being clearly the most experienced. The ladies are making homemade pasta and Dolores finally realizes it’s time to enjoy vacation and not worry about who is fighting with who. I can tell you if I was in Milan the last thing I would be doing is fighting over some petty issues. Teresa gets some frustration out while chopping the meat; so much that the cutting board ended up in the meal. Was that something I missed from Skinny Italian??

Melissa, Danielle and Siggy have a champagne picnic while the other ladies work on their dinner. Siggy breaks down accusing Margaret of being insensitive. Melissa tries to play peace maker but Siggy is too hurt to listen. Danielle actually makes some good points saying that Margaret didn’t say what Siggy wanted her to and that is the crux of the issue. Siggy agrees to go to dinner but feels that her expectations of her friends were too high.

Back in the kitchen, the ladies have prepared a lovely meal. Tre wants to give them a champagne shower but spared them as they feared for their hair extensions. Teresa makes a lovely toast and they cheers to friendship. The elephant in the room is clearly Siggy and Margaret but Danielle tries to lighten the mood by talking about her sex life. The food looks delicious but Melissa decides to stir up some drama by pulling Margaret away to talk. Seriously Melis – just focus on the ambiance and amazing Italian food!

Teresa tries to see Siggy’s perspective by revealing that ‘jail’ is a trigger word for her. Siggy’s triggers clearly are ‘Hitler’ along with ‘soggy’ so Margaret states she will not use these words in front of her anymore. On a lighter note did anyone else notice that adorable white cat in the background? More of that and less of the annoying bickering Bravo!

Siggy remains silent so Danielle chimes in saying it was a nice apology. The meal is awkward at best so luckily we move back to Jersey with Joe Gorga visiting his nieces. Coincidentally they are making tagliatelle (the same pasta that Tre and the ladies were making.) Apparently Joe comes over to bring down the hammer as everyone thinks Teresa is too easy on her girls. Joe very sweetly suggests they should do something nice for their mother’s birthday and the girls decide on a surprise party.

Back in Milan we see Danielle do yoga while Marge gets coffee in the tub…I sincerely hope she tipped her server well! Danielle tries to coax an acknowledgement from Siggy which Dolores wasn’t having. The girls split up as they have different plans for the day which includes Danielle and Marge going to a shoe factory. I’m getting some serious shoe envy seeing those gorgeous Italian heels. Margaret is using this as a business opportunity but is looking for more quantity vs. quality so this factory does not work out.

Teresa and Siggy are on their way to pray for Teresa’s mother Antonia. Teresa very sweetly wanted to include Siggy in a moment for her mother since she missed the beach ceremony. Seriously – I am loving the new Tre! The ladies discuss the difference between ‘Soggy’ and ‘adulterer’ but Siggy isn’t seeing the difference.

Meanwhile Melissa and Dolores and are discussing men. Dolores’ boyfriend isn’t exactly 100% invested but to be fair she is still living with Frank so she basically has two different lives. Dolores then moves on to defending Siggy while Melissa defends Margaret. At the end of the day Dolores agrees the feud needs to end as it’s gone too far and has gone on for too long.

The last dinner in Milan has arrived and Margaret is celebrating by bringing her ladies out. The dinner setup is beautiful and production learned to keep them in a private room so they are not an embarrass to the rest of us U.S. tourists that may one day visit Milan. During the dinner toast Siggy apologizes to Margaret but Marge wants to know once and for all if Siggy really thinks she is anti-Semitic. Siggy didn’t exactly give a clear answer which is obviously not what Marge was looking for. The two continue to bicker and we haven’t even got to the salads yet. Siggy finally states she doesn’t think Margaret is anti-Semitic but Margaret doesn’t think Siggy is compassionate. Overall Margaret feels the apology is forced but everyone (for the most part) gets along for the last dinner. So much that Marge invites everyone, including Siggy, to her Studio 54 party.

Until next week Bravo fans! Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

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