RHOC Recap – A Case of the Vickis!


Welcome back to the OC (or should I say Iceland?)

We start off where we left off, Vicki and her medical emergency. Peggy is annoying the physician by trying to tell him what he needs to do and poor Fridrik needs to tell the ladies the obvious (get out of the room so the EMT can do their job!) Lydia decides to say a prayer and Peggy continues to drive everyone insane.

Vicki is taken to the hospital and thinks she is Brangelina so has to go incognito (seriously what was up with the robe over her face?) As Vicki is taken into the ambulance, Kelly reminds her that she may be having a stroke or heart attack – Thanks Kelly!

Kelly and Meghan decide to go to dinner as there is not much they can do. Lydia is appalled that people can eat at a time like this and Shannon and Tamra decide to join them. Peggy stays in her room and reveals she is so emotional as she is having a flashback to her fathers death.

The ladies dine and toast to Vicki’s health. They decide they want to see an Icelandic hospital – so maybe Vicki’s health scare is for the best? Peggy comes down and gets in a random fight with Kelly about being subservient to their husbands. Kelly is upset Peggy can’t wait for her to finish her three course meal and leaves without her. The ladies decide they need to get Vicki what she really wants most in life – a casserole!

Vicki leaves the hospital….due to blood pressure? No one really knows. She seems pleased as punch to sit with the ladies in her silk pajamas eating her casserole. I think Vicki loved being the center of attention and obviously wasn’t too ill as she went straight for the champs! Tamra tries to reconnect with Vicki but Kelly seems to really want in on the action. Brooks comes up (because of course he does) and I really don’t think Tamra will ever get over the Brooks disaster. The ladies hug it out but I give it about 15 minutes before they are at each others throats again. Shannon is whispering sweet nothings into Meghan’s ear as she can’t believe she is witnessing her BFF make up with her sworn enemy.

The morning after the ladies look seriously hung over and Kelly is mad that Peggy thinks her behavior is atrocious (which to be fair it is.) To recap: We had Peggy threaten Kelly to have their husbands duke it out and Tamra pulled a Vicki and peed herself (then slept in the pants.) Lydia doesn’t seem interested until Shannon’s name is brought up and seems to salivate after hearing that Shannon was upset.

Peggy has barricaded herself in her room while the ladies go shopping and see Shannon’s doppelganger. The ladies get matching headbands while Lydia is still campaigning for Vicki on her behalf. I don’t understand why Lydia is so obsessed with the ladies making up with Vicki about a fight Lydia had absolutely nothing to do with. When the ladies get back, Peggy still refuses to come out of her room and calls the ladies ‘creatures.’ Was Peggy really that upset or just hungover and didn’t want the cameras to see?

Next week we see the ladies whoop it up Viking style while Peggy torments Meghan – stay tuned!

Thoughts on last night’s episode?

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