RHONJ Recap – Public Shaming of Melissa!


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Welcome back to Jersey ladies and gentlemen!

We start out with Tre having a hard time being a single mom with Joe being away. Her dad is now living with her and the girls, and her life is beyond chaotic. Joe in prison and losing her mother has put a huge stress on her and the kids.

Siggy and Dolores are hanging out/gossiping and Dolores is upset people see her as a ‘yes’ girl while Melissa and Joe are having Margaret and ‘Super Joe’ over for dinner. Joey G. is horny (as always) and wants to hear about Margaret and Super Joe’s porny past. I mean pigtails and having sex with the hired help? Sounds like a porn scene to me! While the Joe’s play pool Melissa is wondering where here apology is as Margaret shares that she has made up with Siggy. To me, this scene was a bit bizarre and I don’t see these two couples being genuine, life long friends.

Over at Siggy’s, she is trying to talk to her son Joshua but it’s pretty much like pulling teeth. Siggy wants to be the ‘cool mom’ but Joshua isn’t having it.

Melissa is visiting Tre to go over their new restaurant. Melissa is pissed that her former nemesis sister in law knew before her about Joe’s investment. Am I the only one who doesn’t believe that Melissa knew before Joe ‘sprung’ it on her on camera?? Melissa is realistic as she doesn’t want to do business with family and knows that a restaurant is a 24/7 job.

Marge in Charge is working and gossiping with her very sexual mama. Margaret reveals her mom was the ultimate party girl and that they were only 20 years apart. The two are more like friends than mother/daughter.

Over with some ladies who lunch (Melissa, Danielle and Tre) and Teresa isn’t having Melissa giving her parenting advice. Danielle also reveals she has some damaging news about Dolores but doesn’t reveal it (yet.)

Joe and Teresa (and a 45 minutes late Melissa) are at the restaurant getting ready to make some money at their new place. We are supposed to believe Melissa was late working at envy but I’m thinking hair and makeup ran over (did anyone else notice that braid??) While they are deciding which job they will have (for photos – I really don’t see them working here) Tre volunteers to be a cook and Melissa will be a hostess. For some reason this rubs Tre the wrong way and wants Melissa to do dirty work and be a waitress. Melissa thinks she is too good to be a waitress and we get a glimpse of the old Melissa/Teresa.

Dolores is staging her boyfriends home for sale so that he can move closer to Dolores. Dolores has the most chill boyfriend in history as I can’t think of any boyfriend that is okay with a girlfriend living with an ex.

Over at the Giudice mansion Milania is really missing her dad and Tre is compensating by giving in to her daughters on everything. The real reason of her issues with Melissa is Melissa stating she needs to be more strict when they really need more love.

Siggy’s party is underway and Siggy still has it out for Melissa as Melissa is the only one who has not apologized. Melissa thinks Siggy owes an apology so clearly the two are going to have a spat a the party. Danielle and Tre are driving together and Danielle finally reveals what she has against Dolores. Allegedly Dolores warned Danielle about Tre as all Tre care about is money.

As expected, Melissa and Siggy go at it at the party and Siggy seriously can’t believe a cake was thrown. Siggy then takes a very embarrassing poll and asks her guests who would throw a cake. Melissa is humiliated (as I would be as well.) Siggy went way overboard here by embarrassing her guest. Tre takes the stance that family comes first (as she should) and comes to bat for Melissa. Throughout all of this, Danielle confronts Dolores about what she allegedly said about Tre. Dolores goes crazy and warns Tre to sleep with one eye open with Danielle around.

Who do you think is lying – Dolores or Danielle? Thoughts on this episode?

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