Is Lisa Vanderpump Really Manipulative?? SUR Employees Speak Out!

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Image Source: Google

Who better to know if a person can be crafty or manipulative than the people receiving a paycheck from her? Lisa Vanderpump has had a rough go at it – being accused of dictating the storyline by weaving her web behind the scenes. In what has turned into a she said/she said scenario- her employees at SUR are speaking out on what the wealthy Brit really is like behind the scenes.

Speaking with Bravo, employees Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz loyally defended Ms. Vanderpump with Tom saying:

“To me, it’s surprising because usually, the way I see Lisa is cool, calm, collected, the voice of reason. And to hear [her] in the trenches, it’s a surprise for me.”

Jax added: “It’s different in the world she lives in with the Housewives. I don’t understand that world, the things they argue and fight about.” Tom added: “They’re worse than us, by the way. They fight more than us.” (yes, because Vanderpump Rules arguments are so much classier!)

Regarding being accused of being a manipulating person, Jax stood by Vanderpump saying:

“I don’t know anything about manipulative people at all. Like I said, I don’t really watch [RHOBH] that much, so I’m kind of clueless on it, but I don’t really see that happening.”

Tom added:

“I’ve never really seen her be manipulative, but I will say she has a way with words. She can win you over very easily with her words. [She’s] very convincing. She’s persuasive. And incredibly charming. Don’t get me started on Lisa.”

I think Lisa is a powerful woman who is charming and used to getting her way. I think these traits can be perceived as manipulative but at the end of the day these are grown women who need to stop the 12 year old excuse of “she made me do it!”

Do you think Vanderpump is manipulative? Did you side with Vanderpump or Rinna at the reunion so far?

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