RHOBH Recap – Lymes in the Sand!



Welcome back Beverly Hills lovers!

Tonight we start out in NYC with Yolanda putting on makeup for the first time in months in preparation for the Global Lyme Alliance Gala. Erika on the other hand is feeling pretty good about herself and is having an impromptu photoshoot which Kyle walks in on!

On to the Lyme gala and we get to see Yolanda and David walk in hand in hand as this was clearly filmed in better times. Along for the ride are Yolanda’s gorgeous children and some A-List celebs such as Tommy Hilfiger! We hear other Lyme survivor stories and Kyle admitted she feels dirty even being in the same room when the M word was dropped with Rinna.

Gigi gives an emotional and sweet speech on her mother and then Yolanda herself gets up to speak and thanks her courageous husband for standing by her (at least at the time). Yolanda further discusses Bella and Anwar’s diagnosis and Kyle admits she feels upset that she originally asked so many questions about their health. Kyle breaks down to Yolanda and Yolanda states that Kyle finally “gets” it and wishes that all of the ladies could have attended.

Back to the west coast and the fabulous Lisa Vanderpump is meeting with her son Max who Lisa admits isn’t the most ambitious. Max runs food at SUR and plays his guitar which is pretty much it! Lisa admits that Max is content with just living day to day; however as Lisa is proud that he can keep a job she rewards him with a brand new car (if only life worked that way for all of us!)

We see Eileen and Lisa packing with both wondering how covered up they have to be in Dubai as no one wants to go to jail for indecent exposure (however we get to hear who each one would pick as their cell mate!) Both ladies also have to school their husbands on how to care for their children while away as it’s obvious the ladies run the home. We also get a sneak peek of Erika’s look book she takes for traveling with her glam squad and can I say I could use a “look book” for myself – talk about a luxury!!

The ladies arrive at the airport for the 20 hour flight and Lisa Rinna is shocked to see that Erika Jane travels in yoga pants and tennis shoes (was that part of the look book??) While the ladies are flying Yolanda is having a bitter sweet goodbye to her Malibu mansion which has finally sold for $19 million after being on the market for a year. We see some cracks in the marriage as David seems annoyed that Yolanda is tired and goes upstairs (probably to get away from the cameras would be my guess.)

Over to Dubai which looks spectacular and is clearly the playground for the rich and famous (the Beverly Hills ladies must fit right in!) The hotel is beyond impressive and the room for Kyle and Lisa V. alone cost $40K and is a mansion in itself!

On to a less spectacular setting, Brandi Glanville makes her season debut by visiting Yolanda while she is packing with her mother. Brandi is still Brandi and is complaining that she went on a date the previous night with a guy with short arms (I didn’t know arm length was a thing in the dating world!) Lisa Rinna is brought up along with her mentioning Munchausen disease and this was clearly rehearsed (as we are expected to believe that Brandi knew what Munchausen is??) Brandi is also pretty rough on Lisa Rinna saying she needs a straight jacket, needs to eat and accuses her of wearing a wig.

The ladies are having a much better time in Dubai and saying the rooms are spectacular is an understatement. I seriously need to start a “Dubai piggy bank” as everything is beyond luxurious! We also get to see the ladies’ Dubai wear which Vanderpump states is Kyle’s heaven as everyone is basically required to walk around wearing a mumu!

Over a snack of hummus and fruit the ladies discuss Yolanda’s Lyme Gala. Lisa Rinna brings up that she feels Yolanda uses her sickness as an excuse to get out of functions which of course Erika denies. Erika brings up a good point: who would want to be in a bathrobe over Dubai?? I’m going to have to agree with Erika on this one. Eileen also goes in and says she doesn’t understand why Lisa is so obsessed with Yolanda (seriously Lisa – let the Yolanda/Kim/Brandi lunch go.) Lisa is still scared of Yolanda and finds her manipulative which obliviously isn’t sitting well with Erika.

Looks like next week the drama continues in Dubai – stay turned!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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