RHOA Recap: Turning Over A New Peach



Our favorite Georgia Peaches are back this week, and drama is at a fever pitch as the ladies head back to reality after spending time in Jamaica. To kick things off, we catch up with Kandi as she heads to the doctor with Todd and Mama Joyce to check on the baby. The baby is all good, but things get hella awkward when the doctor starts talking about what sexual positions Kandi and Todd can do.

In Kim Field’s world, we see her discussing new acting possibilities and her career in general with her business partner Art. Kim says she doesn’t think she can work with Kenya on her project since they don’t get along on a personal level. Surprisingly Kim says she supported Kenya and wanted to see her succeed unlike the other ladies but then Kenya went and attacked her which crossed the line.

Phaedra meets with her lawyer, and they immediately discuss her divorce from Apollo. The lawyer says that they are ready to provide the divorce papers to Apollo. Phaedra opens up about Apollo moving to a new prison in Fort Dix in New Jersey. According to Phaedra, she never brought the boys to see Apollo in Kentucky because the jail wasn’t children friendly, but the prison in Fort Dix is much more suitable for kids. Phaedra is extremely nervous about bringing her kids to any prison but feels it may be the right time to have them visit Apollo since it’s been a year since her children have seen their father.

Next we hop over to Kenya’s new house which is still under construction. Kenya is joined by her Aunt Lori and her new man Matt who seems to be ready to move in with Kenya, but she’s not letting him move in until he puts a ring on it. Kenya shows her Aunt around the house, but her aunt is more interested in talking about Matt. Kenya says she’s trying to take things slow with Matt because she is concerned about the age difference between them and right now she’s not sure he’s the one but he could be. Aunt Lori warns Kenya not to run him off even if he isn’t like the ordinary men she dates.

Porsha is taking care of her puppies which she compares to raising children, umm no. Lauren, Porsha’s sister, stops by to discuss their brand Naked Lingerie. The ladies discuss the upcoming photo shoot for the line and Porsha is worried because she’s going to have to handle it all on her own since Lauren will be going on maternity leave. Porsha then calls the photo shoots photographer and gets the words cement and semen confused while talking about the body types of the models for the shoot. The photographer then tells Porsha she has the brains of a paper cup and Porsha giggles off the insult almost pleased with her stupidity.

Cynthia then meets up with Kim to view the commercial for her sunglass line. As they discuss the commercial, Cynthia reveals she is looking for a sexy voice to do the voiceover for the commercial. Cynthia brings up the comments Kenya made about her Kim’s husband. Kim says she talked to her husband about the comments and is over the situation and her friendship with Kenya.

Phaedra stops by Kandi’s house, and the former BFF’s are having a real moment in their up and down relationship. Kandi reveals she’s over being pregnant because she’s at the uncomfortable point of the pregnancy. The ladies start dishing about the Jamaica trip, and Phaedra reveals that NeNe showed up which shocks Kandi. Kandi and Phaedra were both shocked that Cynthia is now acting like she’s not BFF’s with Kenya now that her and NeNe are friends again. Both ladies are equally shocked that NeNe and Sheree were acting cool with each other in Jamaica since they have such a tumultuous history. Kandi asks Phaedra about her kids, and Phaedra says they are good and admits that Ayden does know where Apollo is. Phaedra decides not to tell Kandi or ladies that she might take the kids to visit Apollo since they have gotten too involved in her business in the past. Kandi admits that she’s happy she and Phaedra have gotten through their rough patch and can talk again.

The day of Porsha’s Naked Lingerie photo shoot arrives, and she is in full #girlboss mode. Cynthia shows up to the shoot and will be modeling for the line. Porsha is going a little bit crazy as things are running behind for the photo shoot and quickly losing daylight. The theme of the shoot is your everyday Housewife, but the theme quickly gets cut short when the sun sets forcing the shoot to be moved indoors. Alas, the shoot gets completed, and everything is all good even Porsha and Cynthia’s friendship.

We then catch up with Phaedra flying into Philadelphia with her sons to take them to visit Apollo. Phaedra admits she’s nervous to see Apollo since the last time she saw him was during the infamous garage scene where he went crazy. Nerves are high as Phaedra and her mother discuss how the boys will react to seeing Apollo and how they will act when they have to leave him.

Kenya and Matt head on a date to the Melting Pot and Kenya admits that she’s surprised that things are going so well with Matt and is thinking about taking the relationship more seriously. Kenya admits this time last year would have been a crazy stalker when it comes to Matt, but she’s taking it slower now. To get to know Matt better and to make sure they are on the same page she asks him some questions. Matt admits to living with two women previously but wasn’t ready to get engaged but does reveal he would be ready for kids and settling down in the next two years. Kenya reveals that she’s already looked into the medications and the egg freezing to have a baby due to her age which surprisingly doesn’t make Matt run for the hills.

Back in Philly, Phaedra preps her boys for a special surprise, and they are super excited to know what the surprise is. Phaedra knows that Ayden will remember Apollo, but Dylan doesn’t really know or remember Apollo. Can we just take a minute to discuss how cute Phaedra’s sons are? Phaedra is extremely nervous as they approach Fort Dix. No cameras are allowed inside Fort Dix, but Phaedra and her sons entered the prison at 8:15 am, and the body are all smiles when coming out of prison. Ayden and Dylan were happy to see their daddy and Phaedra called the visit interesting. Phaedra admits that she was surprised the boys weren’t more excited to see Apollo, but it was hard since they had no toys. Apollo was extremely happy to see the children and couldn’t believe how much Dylan had grown. When Phaedra brought up the divorce to Apollo, he wasn’t happy and claimed he didn’t want to end their marriage. Phaedra, on the other hand, is adamant she’s done with their marriage despite Apollo not wishing to sign the divorce papers. According to Phaedra, nothing has changed with Apollo.

That’s all folks until the RHOA season finale next week!

Thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOA? Are you surprised Phaedra brought the boys to see Apollo?

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