RHOP Recap – Beach Session!



Welcome back Potomac fans!

This week we start out with Katie once again chatting about the Rost foundation with Ashley, Robyn and Gizelle at a restaurant named Gringos (appropriately named as Gizelle was crushing on the hot white host at the restaurant). The ladies are on Katie’s host committee; however we find out that Katie doesn’t have a lot of experience in the gala running business despite her background as a “ball and gala” girl. She has no idea where her party will be, what the attire will be or what her fundraising goal is. Per Gizelle – she doesn’t want to be involved in a “hot mess.”

Transitioning over to Ashley’s house (minus husband Michael) we see a young Ashley feeling like a freshman getting hazed by the “senior” ladies (I’m sure they love being referred to as seniors – lol!)

Across town Katie and Andrew are talking as Katie gets ready for her girls trip to the beach. Andrew jokes that Katie shouldn’t be surprised if the house looks different when she returns as Katie completely moved her entire family (and nanny) into his space while he was away (um..hasn’t she seen ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days??)

It seems like all ladies are doubting Ashley’s hosting skills as she hopes to be the hostess with the mostess for this beach trip. Ashley is kissing up to Karen and is apparently her personal chauffer in exchange for Karen’s pearls of wisdom on how to make it in Potomac society. The rest of the ladies are all traveling the same car (which is a far cry from what we see in the other cities where each lady gets their own limo!)

On the drive Karen is schooling Ashley on how to fit in into Potomac society which is pretty dry; however luckily the other car is playing “marry, shag, kill” which is the car I would want to be in if I had my choice! We also get the hot gossip from Katie’s love life and find out that after a messy breakup with mega-mogul Russell Simmons she ended up living in the guest bedroom when his new girlfriend moved in and blogged about it as revenge (does anyone else see a lot of red flags in Katie’s relationships??)

Ashley’s beach house is impressive; however in true Housewives fashion nothing can ever be good enough! Robyn and Gizelle are forced to be roomies which they handle in an extremely rude manner. Both get a twin bed (and a bathroom to share) and act like they are staying at a cockroach infested motel. Seriously – how much time are these ladies planning on staying in the room? Gizelle tries to Google a hotel; however everything is booked so logically Gizelle declares she feels like a hostage and this makes Ashley “the worst host ever.”

Come next morning, Gizelle is still complaining about her “kiddie room” and seriously has it out for Ashley after not giving Gizelle the mater suite. The ladies then move to the beach to “get their surf on”. The surfers include Robyn, Ashley and Katie while the other ladies watch from the sidelines. From those sidelines the ladies discuss Ashley’s “tramp stamp” as they sip their cocktails. All ladies are pretty terrible at surfing and Karen laments that Ashley should have planned more suitable activities for the group.

The ladies are then grilling out and apparently the heat makes Ashley’s “cootie” sweat and shows off the stain (TMI Ashley!) The ladies dine on crabs and have some high society conversation on if they use the bathroom or have gas in front of their men (where is Melissa Gorga when you need her to set these ladies straight??) Talk then turns to Katie and back to her PDA filled night with Andrew. Gizlle admits she thinks something is wrong with Katie but can’t put her finger on it.

We end the episode with the ladies having a heart to heart with Gizelle starting it off with another bathroom story (once again – we need Melissa Gorga – stat!) Robyn then decides to actually get real and asks Charrisse about her decision to divorce. Gizelle chimes in that divorce is better than staying in a marriage for material things. Karen then shares the heart breaking news that her mother has been diagnosed with dementia and agrees that money doesn’t mean anything compared to family. Robyn then feels comfortable to open up and breaks down that part of her financial situation includes a “best friend” that had been taking money from them.

Next week it looks like we see Michael surprise the ladies which invokes an epic meltdown among the ladies (is he the next Simon??)

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