RHOBH Recap: Erika Jayne Finally Comes Clean While The Old Yolanda Foster Returns!


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Last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ended with Erika denying that she blabbed to Yolanda Foster about the ladies questioning her children’s health. It was a different side that many of us have saw from the new housewife who started off as a fan favorite. On tonight’s episode, the ladies head on Erika’s tour bus to Kathryn’s San Diego home where lunch is served. Eileen still wants to know who told Yolanda that Lisa R said Yolanda’s children don’t have lyme disease. Eileen gets upset when there is no resolution and refuses to drop it. Erika admits a day later that she is the one who talked to Yolanda and things get awkward at the lunch table. No one understands why Erika didn’t just mention it the night before instead of denying it.

The subject changes and Kathryn points out how Lisa Rinna never eats. Lisa R then brings up last season and recalls when Kim Richards accused her of having an eating disorder. Lisa R then starts talking about Kim R and it’s uncomfortable for Kyle. Lisa R keeps going and Kathryn mentions how she grew up with addiction. Erika wants them to shut up and not mention Kim in front of Kyle. Lisa R keeps going and Kyle steps away. I understand where Kyle is coming from. Kyle clearly doesn’t agree with her sister’s actions last season but no one wants to hear others talk negatively of your sister. Lisa Vanderpump follows Kyle Richards and Kyle points out how Lisa R was never innocent and brings up when she threatened Kim. Lisa R is still talking about it with the other ladies as Kyle waits on the couch which is really weird. I think they should drop i but Kathryn is really interested in the addiction topic and keeps asking questions which isn’t sitting well with Erika. We then find out that Kathryn lost her father to addiction issues which lead him to commit suicide. I can’t even imagine as a young girl losing a parent that way. Erika is eye rolling throughout the conversation. Kyle and Lisa V come back and Kyle says she feels guilty sitting there when people discuss her sister as she should. Lisa V asks why Kathryn is emotional and Erika informs the ladies what Kathryn went through. Everyone feels terrible for Kathryn as they all know how difficult that must have been.

The trip is over and all the ladies are home. Erika and her hubby Tom are going on a double date with Lisa V and Ken. Although Tom is a bit older, he’s a sharp dude. Him and Erika seem like a good match. Erika brings up the drama with Yolanda and Lisa R. at the dinner table. Lisa V explains that Yolanda posts so many things on social media that she is asking for public scrutiny so she’s not surprised that Yolanda is being questioned. Erika replies that as friends to Yolanda, they know the truth and that’s what should matter. Erika implies that friends should never question other friends. Lisa V points out that Erika is very loyal to Yolanda and wishes that she had more people that were loyal to her. Tom is complimenting Lisa V’s powerful presence when Erika chimes in and Tom shut’s her up reminding her that he is talking. Awkward. Erika says that Tom is a boss and acts like one. I mean, he is an attorney.

Kyle Richards meets Adrienne for lunch. They talk about her relationship with Kim and Kyle says she and Kim are starting to talk again. Kyle says she comes to the realization that Kim will take it a step at a time and has said that Kim says only 5% of addicts remain sober which scares Kyle. Adrienne reminds and reassures Kyle that Kim wants to get better

Lisa R says there is history with drug addiction so she wants to educate her children about it. After seeing what happened with Kim, she is concerned and talks to her girls.

Holidays are coming and Kyle says her families are doing things separate now when it was never that way. Kyle says that her sister and her children have always been together and she feels the absence. This is really getting to Kyle and you can tell.

Erika is throwing a REAL barbecue at her home. Yolanda rides with Kyle and is still extremely upset and hurt by Lisa R’s comments. Yolanda can’t believe that Lisa R would throw out such a serious accusation and say that she has Munchausen syndrome. Eileen and Lisa R in another limo and Eileen says that Yolanda thinks Lisa R is bipolar which doesn’t sit well with her. Everyone arrives and you know things are going to get interesting. Eileen feels weird because she thinks the ladies have stuff to say but no one wants to talk about it. Lisa R wants everyone to sit down and she addresses the drama with Yolanda. Lisa R doesn’t understand why Yolanda is upset or why Yolanda hasn’t called her if there were any issues. Yolanda is absolutely shocked that Lisa R expects Yolanda to call her when Rinna is the one making such a serious accusation. Yolanda tells Rinna what she said is the biggest blow that has ever been said to her and a sorry from Rinna doesn’t work or won’t cut it. Yolanda says Rinna has put this out to the universe and that sucks. At this point, Rinna’s apologies are not enough for Yolanda. Yolanda reminds Rinna what a big deal it was for her to be the messenger and say something like that. Yolanda then defines what Munchausen Disease at the table and Rinna says that’s not what she said. Lisa V defends Rinna and says that Rinna never implied all of that. Yolanda becomes furious and blasts Lisa V for chiming in. Yolanda doesn’t understand why the hell Lisa V would ever defend Rinna. Yolanda says that Rinna just labels everyone and Rinna feels like Yolanda doesn’t listen. Yolanda says it isn’t Lisa R’s place to say anything and Yolanda wants Lisa R to have balls and admit she said it. Erika then gets involved. If Rinna won’t admit that she is the one who said Yolanda had Munchausen Disease, she wants to know who the accuser is. Things are getting heated. Lisa Vanderpump points out how just a year ago that Yolanda was running around Beverly Hills and all of a sudden she is so sick that of course people are going to question it. Yolanda says that these discussions are not easy for her and having these conversations take a lot out of her. She just wants to know that she is surrounded by girls that have her back. Eileen wants everyone to start over. Rinna and Yolanda hug it out and Rinna doesn’t know if it’s the right thing to do because there is still that tension. As friends, I don’t think you should be questioning your friends disease, ever. But are these girls even real friends? Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Do you think the ladies have a reason to question Yolanda? Should Lisa V have stepped in when she did? Let’s discuss tonight’s episode below!

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