Brandi Glanville: ‘It Wasn’t My Choice To Leave’ RHOBH



While Brandi Glanville may be unfiltered, it doesn’t mean she’s always telling the truth. Over the last few months, the former Real Housewife has flip-flopped about her exit from RHOBH more times than one can count. After claiming that she chose to leave RHOBH now, the Unfiltered Blonde is singing another tune saying she didn’t leave the show by choice.

Brandi recently sat down with ET where she drank a little and gossiped a little. According to Brandi, it wasn’t her choice to leave the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.“It wasn’t. No — [Bravo] said, ‘We’ll have you back part time,’ and that was it. That said, I haven’t filmed yet … I’m actually seeing Yolanda today — we’re not filming it, but we are hanging out … honestly, I’m happier. I feel like I broke up with an abusive boyfriend. Like, ‘Oh my God, I love you, but you’re horrible for me.'”

Brandi confessed that she did the show for money, unlike her co-stars who were just there for the fame.“Well, if you think about the women who are on the show, they’re all rich already … the only thing that you can’t buy is fame. Ultimately, I think they signed up because they all lust for this fame drug.”

In fact, Bravo came to Brandi and told her she couldn’t come back full-time because they thought she’d be returning for the wrong reasons.“They said to me, ‘We think if you sign up [again], you’ll just be doing it for the money. And that’s the only reason I ever did it, was for the money!”

While Brandi may no longer be a Housewife she does admit she’s grateful for her time on the show.“I don’t want to complain about it.And I hope it doesn’t seem like I am. It saved my life, really, in so many ways.”

As for her role as the go-to villain on RHOBH Brandi understands how it happened but it excited for fans to see the real Brandi.“The thing is, I shot so much fun stuff. They didn’t show any of it. It just happens that this season, I was the villain, so why show me having fun? … It’s a really hard job. People don’t quite get what you go through, because you shoot it, watch it on TV, then relive it again at the reunion.”

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview? Do you think Brandi is truly happier post-Housewives?

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