Brandi Glanville Says Kyle Richards Only Cares About Fame


kyle and brandi

It was the push heard around the world on Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Brandi Glanville shoved Kyle Richards at the end of the episode. Kyle and Brandi have had a lukewarm friendship at best, and it seems that this shove made it clear that the two Housewives will never be friends.

When Kim Richards, Kyle’s older sister, showed up to the poker party obviously under the influence of something, Kyle panicked that Kim might have fallen off the wagon.

Kim admitted privately to Kyle that she had “taken something” for pain. After talking with Kyle, Kim went to vent to Brandi Glanville, and that resulted in things getting violent between Kyle and Brandi.

“It really is a shame the way things came across in this week’s episode,” Glanville, tells PEOPLE. “At the end of the day, I was trying to protect Kim and her health.”

“Remember, you don’t get to see everything, only the highlights. In my opinion Kyle doesn’t care about Kim’s health, she cares about fame and having this play out on national TV to give herself a story line and embarrass her sister.”

Brandi also says that this is only the first battle of many fans will see this season.”Sadly, things are not resolved, and I am looking forward to next week’s episode as well as the rest of the season. Hopefully, they will show Kyle’s true colors.”

Kyle, on the other hand, defends her actions that night and says that she was only concerned for Kim and her sobriety.

“Anyone who knows me knows that family is the most important thing to me,” Kyle says. “My only concern that night was for the well-being of my sister Kim and I just wish Brandi had not put herself in between us. She is not a family member, and she knows nothing about our history or our relationships.”

This week’s episode of RHOBH showed Brandi’s true colors in my opinion. In the car ride to the poker party, Kyle opened up to Brandi about her family’s struggle with Kim’s alcoholism that I’m sure wasn’t easy. So for Brandi to turn around and try to make Kyle look evil just shows how low Brandi truly is. Also, I don’t get Kim how can she be all BFF with Brandi and take her side over Kyle’s when Brandi’s the one who accused her of being on crack in season 3. Kim needs to remember who has been there for her over the years and not put all her trust in a two-faced Hollywood friend.

What do you think about Brandi’s statement? Are you Team Brandi or Kyle? Let’s discuss!

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