Wendy Williams Says NeNe Leakes Is BITTER And Needs To Be FIRED; Says NeNe Loses All Her Friends On The Show!


wendy williams and nene

Wendy Williams has just as many opinion as she does wigs when it comes to the housewives, and now, she’s revealing who she thinks needs to be fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta. On her Hot Topics segment, Wendy gave her list on which wives need to go, and it just so happens to be everyone, EXCEPT Kenya Moore! Check out what she had to say

“I’m to the end of the road with Cynthia. I love her, but she does need to go. I’m to the end of the road with Porsha, she needs to go. Who else needs to be fired? Kandi. Kandi, I’m sorry — Yeah, but you too Kandi. Phaedra needed to have been fired. And now, might I say, NeNe, needs to go. I understand that she’s the highest paid housewife and all that other kind of stuff, but in the course of NeNe being on this show — And I know that she’s the only original housewife left, but, you know, she stayed so long that she went from being likable and loveable, and comical, to being mean, jealous, vindictive, childish. Just childish, bitter — all that. NeNe needs to go.”

Wendy went on to comment about all the friends NeNe has lost on the show, she says,

“NeNe loses all the friends that she’s made on the show. Now, granted, maybe Sheree (Whitfield) wasn’t a nice person. I don’t even remember back that far, but remember NeNe and Sheree were friends. NeNe and Kim Zolciak — I know. Kim fit NeNe’s life better when Kim was opening her legs to married men. I think NeNe only wants to be friends with people who she views as beneath her. Including people like Marlo (Hampton).”

Lastly, Wendy reveals who she would like to see receive a peach, and you might be surprised by her answer. Wendy revealed,

“Somebody at Bravo, give Marlo a peach and make her apart of the cast. I mean, I don’t know what Marlo does for a living, the word on the streets is “sketchiness.” But we need somebody new on the show who will make us not miss NeNe, and the rest of them when they go. And I think that Marlo is perfect. We’ve met her enough to know, we need more of her shade. Give that girl a peach, and let’s roll.”

I kind of agree with Wendy saying NeNe only wants friends who she views are beneath her, but I think NeNe mainly wants friends who will jump when she says jump. Who do you think should be fired from the show? Would you like to see Marlo be apart of the cast?

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