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After a VERY long season, the Real Housewives of Atlanta finally comes to an end! Sunday aired the final installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and started off by focusing on NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore’s relationship. Kenya calls out NeNe for trying to control everyone and being a dictator. Kenya says NeNe is such a dictator that she stopped being friends with Marlo because Marlo was friends with Kenya. Kenya pulls out her phone and reads out a text that NeNe sent to Marlo which basically says if you are filming with Kenya, I am done with you. Then Kenya says NeNe three-way’d Marlo and Cynthia and Cynthia backs all of what Kenya is saying. It’s interesting to see how Cynthia is being all about Kenya. Seems like she wants to secure a friendship for next season. NeNe and Kenya keep going back and fourth and NeNe drops the conversation.

Andy moves towards NeNe addressing Mama Joyce on her Bravo blog and Kandi is NOT pleased with this. Kandi doesn’t understand why NeNe would address her mom on her blog and says that NeNe is guilty of doing things that she doesn’t like to be done to her. Kandi says she has never spoke about peoples family, spouses but that is all that NeNe does. NeNe won’t apologize and the two are screaming at each other. I don’t understand why NeNe won’t just say sorry instead of justifying herself. Kandi is saying she thinks NeNe was being disrespectful and NeNe doesn’t think she was so she refuses to apologize.

The ladies then discuss how NeNe acted at the charity event in which NeNe just acknowledge that she shouldn’t have acted the way she did. Kenya keeps throwing it in NeNe’s face regarding her bad behavior so NeNe offers Kenya to do another event where they both will give a charity event 20k each. Kenya obviously does not have the kind of money to do that and NeNe knows this so she laughs away.

Kenya later gets called out for kissing NeNe’s ass. Kenya says it’s because she was always a good friend to NeNe. NeNe says Kenya has never been a real friend. NeNe then says she will never have anything to do with Kenya Moore.

Finally, we stop discussing NeNe and Apollo Nida joins the gang to discuss all the drama that surrounded him this season. Apollo is asked about the charges against him with bank fraud and identity theft and Apollo says he is going to play it out but is furious with Kenya who keeps running her mouth. He says Kenya better hope nothing happens to him because she then won’t have a job considering he is her story line. Oh snap! Kenya laughs and Apollo just says he built her and NeNe is loving every minute of it.

Kenya keeps throwing out that that Apollo is a criminal which is heating him up. Phaedra believes that Kenya keeps using Apollo’s name for a storyline. Phaedra is going so hard on Kenya and keeps calling her out. Kenya for the first time is shutting up. She then says she is done rolling around with the pigs in which Andy bluntly asks her if that means she’s leaving the show. She expectedly doesn’t answer probably regretting even saying that.

All the husbands finally join the ladies. We immediately get into Peter and him always getting into the women’s drama. Greg says that he and NeNe have apologized to Cynthia and Peter for what NeNe said and there’s nothing else he can do.

The discussion moves over to the whole hotel fight where Christopher grabbed Kenya’s arm after she charged at his wife. Kenya points out how wrong Christopher was while Todd Tucker chimes in saying he would do the same thing if some women was charging at Kandi! Everyone feels like Christopher wasn’t aggressively grabbing Kenya’s arm except Kenya of course.

Kenya then claims that the day she was late to NeNe’s hotel party NeNe was swearing at the producers so loudly in the hotel room on how she is the star of the show and how she bashed Kenya so on. Kenya looks stupid because everyone around her is denying hearing any of that.

Towards the end everything is getting super repetitive and NeNe is called out for calling Brandon a queen in a derogatory way. Andy says he was offended and NeNe calls Andy out and says she will hold a gay function but does apologize for anyone who was offended by that.

Tonight’s episode was a big drag and I’m over it. It’s been one very long season and I’m glad that it’s done. I am however very curious as to how the next season will end up! Thought’s on the final installment of the reunion? Let’s Discuss!

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