Dance Moms Recap: Christi Lukasiak And Holly Sioux Call Abby Out On Her Lies; And Christi Blasts Lifetime For Trying To Set Her Up AGAIN!



In this mid-season reunion special entitled “Seeing Red,” we start off with Abby revealing that Broadway Baby (her dog) and her mother, are both buried together. Abby also says that the girls are allowed to cry when somebody dies, that’s the only time her “save your tears for your pillow,” speech, doesn’t work. The subject then turns to Kelly hitting Abby, Abby says she’s hurt, but she didn’t sign up to be hit.

Christi is the first mom up, and before she comes out Abby says you would think her relationship with Christi would be better, but it’s not and she doesn’t want to talk about her. Christi tells the host (I forget his name LOL) that now that Kelly’s gone, Holly and Jill are the new targets. Christi sticks up for Kelly and they let the clip play of Abby getting slapped. Abby says she feels relieved that it’s in the past.

Christi says she has nothing to lose and she feels empowered. They ask Abby how she feels about Chloe, and Abby tries lying saying she thinks Chloe is a sweet, polite kid. Umm…Does Abby forget that there is footage of her calling Chloe a “Snake?” Christi pretty much tells Abby she is FOS, and that all of America sees how she treats Chloe so she can’t lie about it. The audience agrees, because they start clapping when Christi says that.

The girls perform their Kinky Boots inspired routine, and Chloe performs her solo. It’s back to the drama. The host asks Abby why she hasn’t brought anyone to compete against each other. Abby says there is a chance that Kalani will go up against Maddie, but we all know that is BS, because if Kalani wins then Abby will have to admit that Maddie isn’t the best, and she isn’t untouchable.

Jeff (figured out his name LOL) asks Christi what she thinks, and she is not letting Abby get away with her lies. She calls Abby out on making up excuses for not letting Maddie go up against real competition. Abby then makes up another excuse that Abby works too hard to lose. OMG, this women is CRAZY obsessed with Maddie. Abby then is pissed that she is called out for making Maddie lie and her and Kalani’s duet, so she says Chloe always misses class, and her mother teaches her to lie.

She also calls Christi out for always cussing, but Christi makes her feel dumb, when she tells her that ALL the moms that have come on and even the new moms on the new team have drop the f-bomb, and Abby acts like it’s only Christi. Jeff and the producers try being sneaky and just bring out Melissa so Abby and Melissa can tag-team Christi, but Christi is no dummy. She makes them ALL look stupid and calls them out for trying to set her up on camera and their faces are PRICELESS. She walks off and gets Jill and Holly, because they are apart of what she’s talking about and it’s only fair that she has backup too. Go Christi!

Jill and Holly join Christi, Abby and Melissa onstage, and Jill admits that Maddie did know about the duet, and Abby says it doesn’t matter because it’s her studio and she can do whatever she wants. Dr. Holly is having none of it when the audience tries to clap for Abby’s excuse and let’s them know they wouldn’t be clapping if that was their kid being treated that way.

Holly points out that Chloe and Paige could have won if Abby wouldn’t have been sneaky. They then roll the clip of the infamous scene of Melissa and Maddie lying for Abby about the duet, and Abby admits she wanted to “secure the win.” Abby says that Paige and Chloe got lucky. So mean. Kalani and Maddie do their duet and it’s beautiful. They are both beautiful girls and they dance amazing together.

Next up, is Christi changing the lineup at the competition of Chloe going last instead of Kendall, who was originally supposed to go last. Jill thinks it was premeditated, but Christi tells her it was just a question Chloe asked, and then they had her go last. Jeff asks Holly about Nia getting taken out of the solo, and Christi makes a funny joke about the moms always having to make nothing out of crap when it comes to their costumes.

Abby says Nia should be grateful that she even had a solo, and says she gets either or, and that sets Holly off. Abby says Nia doesn’t do well in her solos, which is true. Sad, because she really is a sweet kid, but it’s true. Mackenzie is performing Maddie’s hand-me-down solo, “Cry,” and she looks cute. It’s time for Leslie to come out and Abby calls her crazy. LOL She is!

Leslie comes out and she tells Abby that her and her daughter always come and join the team and Abby just dangles a carrot in front of them when it comes to being on the team. Leslie is actually being calm, and all she really wants is for Abby to admit her faults — good luck with that, Leslie. Maddie is up next and she is performing her tap solo, and of course, she is giving us “Maddie Face.”

Cathy is ready for her close-up, but before she comes out, Abby makes sure to slam her with some insults. Cathy finally comes out and straight up calls Abby a joke. She calls Abby out for her “elementary” choreography, and says Abby’s dancing is like synchronize swimming. The clip of Cathy throwing in the towel then plays and Cathy says the dance she pulled wasn’t where she wanted it to be.

Cathy tells Jeff she’s not giving up and it’s fun to ruffle Abby’s feathers. The last performance up is the “Witches from East Canton,” and I’m sure Cathy’s annoyed, since it is after all dedicated to her. This was one of my favorite dance the girls did all season, so I’m glad they’re doing it. After they are down, Cathy says that dance let’s her know Abby is worried about her a whole lot.

Abby says that without her, Cathy wouldn’t get a paycheck. Kira comes out and she looks gorgeous. She says that she doesn’t think it’s her or Kalani’s fault about the Kelly fight, but she thinks it had more to do with their history. Christi says it was Abby’s mission to try and get rid of Paige and Brooke, and when she got rid of them, she was happier than a pig in mud. LOL

Abby tries calling Christi uneducated, but Christi makes her look absolutely stupid, when she reveals she is more educated than Abby, and Abby barely finished high school. LOL The reunion ends with the moms still disagreeing about the new team, and how it is just going to add more stress to the girls. Christi says, Abby will never be happy, and I think she is right.

What did you think of the “Seeing Red Reunion?” Let’s discuss!

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