RHONY Recap: Carole Radziwill And Aviva Drescher Will Never Be Able To Move Forward In Their Friendship!


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The Real Housewives of New York starts off with Sonja Morgan off her rocker. Sonja is going through bankruptcy and refuses to really deal with it. Instead she speaks to Ramona about all the new business ventures she’s coming up with ignoring the fact that she is losing her home! Ramona seems worried but she’s being supportive for Sonja as she always is.

Heather and her husband are taking their son Jax to a doctors because he has some hearing complication. While Jax is at the doctors, we find out he always has liver issues and my heart broke. Heather is so strong to keep a straight face as she sees her son go through all these complications. I must admit I was in tears watching the scene.

Kristen and Aviva take their children out and Kristen starts making fun of Ramona’s eyes with a play toy. Aviva is feeling uncomfortable and doesn’t like that Kristen is speaking about Ramona behind her back. Aviva says nothing but you could see she is bothered. That’s when Kristin changes the subject and tells Aviva she wants nothing to do with the whole Caroline drama and refuses to be in the middle because she likes Carole. Aviva doesn’t like that Kristin is speaking about the drama in front of their kids and calls out Kristen which Kristen doesn’t appreciate. Kristen then continues to talk about the drama between Aviva and Carole and that’s when Aviva stops her. Aviva tells her to shut the heck up and drop it if she does not want to get involved. I kind of agree with Aviva here. If Kristen does not want to be involved, then she shouldn’t make any comments or put her opinion in on it. Kristen is blown away that Aviva has told her to shut up. Aviva just doesn’t want to hear an opinion if Kristen does not want involvement. Kristen then tells Aviva she now understands why everyone says she is crazy and that was pretty uncalled for. Aviva then apologizes for telling Kristen to shut up and Kristen just responds by telling Aviva she has anger issues and bringing up what other people say about her.

Heather heads over to the Hamptons for fourth of July with the family and Carole joins. Carole is talking about the bookgate drama with Aviva and Heather is starting to get irritated that Carole won’t get over it. Heather starts venting to Carole about Jax’s is hearing and breaks down. She just wants to fix one thing and here I am in tears again. Again, I just can’t imagine what Heather is going through

Ramona, LuAnn, and Kristen are playing tennis with their men tagged along when Kristen asks Ramona why she didn’t attend Heather’s party. Ramona reveals she didn’t think it was very cool of Heather not to invite Aviva to the party after they made up so she decided not to go. Kristen then calls out Ramona for not reaching out to Heather and letting her know she won’t be coming. Ramona says Kristen is allowed to think whatever she wants and then Ramona and Kristen start bickering. Ramona is getting annoyed that Kristen is all of a sudden having an opinion and doesn’t understand why Kristen is getting involved. Kristen says she is trying to defend Heather.

Everyone heads over to Ramona’s house in the Hamptons. Ramona takes Kristen to the side and Ramona tells Kristen she is annoyed with her. Kristen explains the only reason she had an opinion is because she’s old friends with Heather. Ramona keeps shutting Kristen down and telling her that it’s not her place. Ramona then gets over it and feels a lot better after she tells Kristen to stay out of her business.

Ramona and Heather then have a talk and the way Ramona handles and speaks to people is just weird. The arguments on the Real Housewives of New York are so petty and none of them make sense nor do they get resolved.

Ramona and Sonja are talking about Sonja’s business ventures. Sonja keeps talking about all that she wants to do and how she is getting asked to do more burlesque shows. Ramona says she heard it was a bit raunchy and this totally ticks Sonja off. Sonja seems all over the place for all that she’s going through and starts slamming Ramona. Ramona is trying to apologize. Aviva chimes in and tries to make the situation better and Ramona hugs Sonja pushing herself against Sonja. It’s all just awkward.

Aviva’s friend lets the ladies all use her home for fireworks and dinner. Heather wants Carole to move on from the drama with Aviva so she pushes Aviva to approach Carole and speak to her. Aviva and Carole are going back and fourth and Aviva doesn’t want to talk about the book anymore and Carole doesn’t want to drop it. Heather comes along to try and help things by moving it forward. Heather realizes Carole is not ready to move on and that’s all she wanted. Aviva then tells Carole despite everything, she has read her recent book and congratulates her on it but Carole is still not having it. Aviva gets up realizing nothing is going to change between the two and so the bookgate drama continues with them…

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