Dance Moms Recap: Mackenzie Shoots Her Music Video; And Maddie And Chloe Go Head-To-Head!



It’s Tuesday! Here we goooo! Tonight’s episode Abby congratulates the girls on their 13th first place win. Well, she sort of congratulates them. She pretty much tells them they need to do better and gets started on the pyramid. Nia and Kendall are at the bottom, which is odd considering, they did amazing on their solos, but of course that doesn’t matter to Abby. Kalani is surprisingly Kalani is on the bottom row, while Maddie gets the top spot. Abby says she’s still noticing technical issues with Kalani, which is BS. Kalani and Chloe did a phenomenal job on their duet, and they deserved to be at the top.

Abby announces that Maddie and Chloe will be doing solos, and gives a “we’ll see” to Nia being in the group dance. Everyone is in MackZ’s video, except poor Chloe. So while she’s in the studio, the rest of the girls get to be in a music video. So messed up. I can’t believe Melissa would even allow that to happen. The girls are shooting Mackenzie’s video at Melissa’s house. I guess Abby is on a budget. LOL

The mom’s are downstairs at Melissa’s and they are talking about how they don’t agree with the pyramid. I’m sure they are referring to Maddie being on top. In walks in other ALDC moms, whose daughters are in the video also, and right away they start talking about how their girls are better than some of the girls that are on Abby’s competition team. One of the moms even says that her daughter has beat Mackenzie in the junior level, and Melissa is seeing red.

One of the crazy moms crosses the line and tells Abby that her daughter has the ability to be the next Maddie. Oh no she didn’t. That makes Melissa go crazy and she threatens to call the cops. I can’t even deal with this scene. Don’t you go saying your kids are as good as Melissa’s! LOL

It’s another day at the ALDC, and Abby let’s Melissa know how amazing she did at her video shoot. Abby is working with Maddie on her solo, and it’s really upbeat. Jill asks Christi if Chloe knows her solo since she’s been at the studio all week, Christi tells her that Chloe’s privates have been getting canceled, so she hasn’t been at the studio learning.

The girls are working on their group dance, and Nia is just not getting it. Not a surprise. I think Nia likes being on TV, and the fame, but I don’t really think she loves to dance as much as Maddie, or Kalani. Holly tells Nia to ignore Abby, and Abby wants Holly to hurry up and come down there. Abby tells Holly not to assume Nia is being in the group dance because of the corrections she refuses to make.

At some point Holly needs to stop just blaming Abby, and get on Nia to pull her weight. Upstairs, the moms are talking and Melissa gets a text from a mom from Studio Larkin, saying they are competing against Abby, and are excited to see them at the competition. That’s more like it. That studio is amazing, and they would give Abby a run for her money, more than the Candy Apples.

Maddie is practicing her solo, and the moms are talking about how Abby is, considering her mom is still sick. Christi looks miserable, and admits when it comes to Chloe getting good solos to go up against Maddie — she feels defeated. The moms are all still worried about the new team, and Christi thinks one of Abby’s other dancers might be on the new team since she’s beaten Mackenzie before. Abby comes in late to watch the girls do their group dance, and she leaves in tears after trying to talk to them for only a few minutes. Poor Abby. The only person who truly loves her, is about to leave her. I can’t even imagine.

It’s competition day, and Abby isn’t there for obvious reasons. The moms are mad because they realize that Studio Larkin is there with the same routine they beat them with the last time they competed against each other. The conversation takes another turn, and Christi says that she misses Brooke and Paige because when they were on the team, not everything was just about Maddie and Kalani. Christi also tells Melissa that Maddie told Chloe she wasn’t very good. Jill steps in and says she doesn’t think Maddie knows that she’s bullying.

Holly jumps in and says she understands how Christi feels, and she even gives a Jackson 5 analogy. “Where’s Tito?” LOL It’s time for the performances. The solos are going first, and it’s Maddie’s turn to dazzle the judges. Maddie’s solo is great, but I seen some falling out of her turns (which isn’t the first time) but you know Abby won’t say anything. I think Maddie’s facials save her a lot of the time onstage.

Chloe is next to perform her solo, and her dance isn’t nearly as technically difficult as Maddie’s. She looks great, but let’s be honest, that routine looks like something Abby would give Mackenzie. The girls go back into the dressing room, and Melissa decides to call Abby. Abby sounds like she’s been crying all day, and she tells the girls to just do their best and not worry about the judges. Holly agrees, but Gia jumps in and reminds them they need to win, because there is still a new team of dancers coming in.

It’s time for the group dances, and Studio Larkin is first up. Their girls look like they are 14-18 years old. I didn’t see any Maddie sized girls on that team! LOL I would kind of be embarrassed if I were the moms of the Larkin girls, only because they are competing against elementary school kids, doing the SAME routine, while the younger ones (ALDC) learned a new routine in 2 days. These older girls have known this dance for months. That’s not competition.

The girls are performing their group dance and they all look beautiful and angelic. All of their facials and movements look effortless, and spot on. The awards are being announced, and Chloe comes in fifth place for her solo, while Maddie gets first place, beating Chloe, AND three Studio Larkin girls. The group awards are next and ALDC gets second place, while Studio Larkin wins first.

Gia is happy with the girl’s performance, and she calls Abby to let her know how they did. The girls are scared about what Abby is going to say, and she shockingly tells them it wasn’t about the win, but we all know that’s not true. When Abby sees the girls next week, she is going to let them have it, and all the moms know it.

Next week, Abby’s mom passes away, and she brings in her new team!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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