Carlton Gebbia Says Maybe If Kyle Richards Had “Toys,” Rumors About Her Husband Wouldn’t Still Be Out There!



Carlton Gebbia is taking to her blog this week, to dedicate it to Kyle Richards for the 54857434 time. Carlton thanks Lisa Vanderpump for sticking up for her, and says that maybe if Kyle had “toys,” there wouldn’t be rumors still out there about her husband. Check it OUT!

Hi sorry for the delay, but on holiday with my gorgeous family and got started late.

Watching this week’s episode was exhausting to say the least, and obviously very personal to me.

I refuse to start a shouting match with this grown woman who is overbearing and who is obviously extremely angry. What’s the bloody point when she wouldn’t allow me to answer any questions but just shouted over me?

When a person can call me such horrific names like anti-Semetic, compares my religion and symbol to serial killer Richard Ramirez, and then immediately admits that she did know what a pentagram looked like — why would I deal with such a vile being? The point is all the labels and false accusations that spew out of this toxic woman’s mouth are classic transference. She’s already admitted on national TV that when she heard about me she was less than thrilled. If anyone had an agenda going in it was obviously her, as every time I saw her my faith came up. This has been my whole experience with her. If she’s so obsessed with my religion, she had months to do the research, like any curious person, and educate herself instead of being so ignorant and provoking. I would however like her to say that she knew nothing about me before she met me that first night.

Then the sex toys comment comes out of her from nowhere. Yet another insult. For this whole season I said nothing about all the rumors regarding Mauricio, in fact I said ignore it and let it die already. Not judging anyone’s sexual preference, but let’s be honest maybe if she had had her own “toys” those nasty “alleged” rumors of her husband wouldn’t still be out there. Where there’s smoke in West Hollywood. . .

She keeps persecuting Lisa for the bloody tabloid drama. Yet again, demanding an apology. I think it’s that misplaced anger, judging by the senseless way she goes after Lisa so vehemently.

The ridiculous arguing about Lisa not going to Kim’s daughters party was definitely going in circles with no end in sight. I think Lisa’s explanation was more than sufficient and she didn’t need two other people explaining it for her either.

I truly appreciate Lisa’s defending me against Kyle calling me anti Semitic. Lisa, being the only business owner, really understood the severity of such a baseless accusation.

After this fiasco I am now going to cleanse myself in this healing ocean of Kona.

Carlton is ridiculous. She has been more offensive, and has labeled, the most out of anyone she accuses of it. I’m beyond over her. What do you guys think of Carlton’s blog? Are you surprised about anything she has to say?

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