RHOBH Recap: Part Two Reunion; Kim Richards SLAMS Lisa Vanderpump And Says She Doesn’t Trust Her!


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Part 2 of the reunion — let’s get to it! Andy starts this portion of the reunion off with the ladies and their discipline when it comes to beauty. Andy addresses Brandi’s ultra puffy face, and Brandi says she has “overdone” it. I agree. I’ve seen older photos of Brandi, and she looks much different. The subject then switches to Carlton’s religion, and she explains what she practices, and I’m just here asleep. After the clip of Carlton and Kyle’s nonexistent friendship airs, Kyle mentions how welcoming she was to Carlton when she first met her in the first episode, and Carlton was just looking to have a problem with her. I agree. Carlton made it too obvious she was itching for a fight with Kyle.

Kyle then says the reason why Carlton acted the way she did, was because she had watched the show beforehand, which Carlton denies, but too bad she admitted it on Watch What Happens Live. Carlton says Kyle was never genuine in her question about Carlton’s religion, and that she always asked her questions “at her.” Umm.. How the hell else are you supposed to ask someone questions Carlton? Through a third party? Seriously? No one is buying it. Carlton brings up how she doesn’t get defensive with Yolanda or Lisa, which of course she doesn’t. She’s so desperate to stay on the show.

Kyle is trying to explain to Carlton why she asked about all the crosses. I’m sure Carlton knows she looks like an idiot, but she’s already in too deep, so she’s just continuing with it. Kyle then says she knows what a pentagram is because she’s seen it on Richard Ramirez “The Night Stalker,” OHHHHH THE SHADE! LOL Yolanda chimes in with the best question of the night, “What means goat?” Yolanda says that Carlton is very sensitive, and Brandi jumps in and defends Kyle asking about Carlton’s possible Star of David tattoo. Both ladies feel, Kyle wasn’t trying to get a reaction out of Carlton, but no, that can’t be possible. Kyle is evil, and that’s all Carlton sees.

Now onto the Anti-semitic comment. Kyle explains herself by saying that maybe the reason Carlton didn’t like her was because she was Jewish. I can see that. I mean, if someone got so mad at you for asking if their tattoo was of a Jewish star, and they know you’re Jewish, who wouldn’t think of that as a possibility when there is nothing else? Andy then asks Lisa for her opinion, and Lisa sides with Carlton, which is funny, because she felt the opposite at dinner. Kyle points out to Lisa how Lisa backs up whoever is going to back her up, and now that Carlton is Team Lisa, she’s siding with Carlton.

Lisa of course, stays quiet and just makes a face. She knows what she does. Carlton then goes back to talking about her labels, and this victim routine. I’m over Carlton. I saw her game when she first came on the show. Carlton so desperately wanted to be the victim who was bullied by her beliefs, so she could win over fans. When nobody gave her the judgement and fight she was looking for, she created one, and that still didn’t work. Anyways, onto the kiddies!

Kim still gets sad when she watches the footage of her daughter going away to college. I feel bad for Kim, because I know half of those tears are her sad because she missed so much of her children’s lives. Yolanda says that Gigi is doing great, and that she’s paying for that fancy New York apartment we saw her move into on the show. Andy asks Brandi about her kids and filming, and Brandi reveals it’s still an argument with Eddie for her kids to film, and it upsets her because she wants viewers to see a different side of her on the show.

The subject turns to Kim and Lisa’s relationship. Lisa says she doesn’t get Kim and her “turtles.” Kim is going in on Lisa and telling her that her missing children’s lives is more important than her missing parties. Lisa is playing dumb when the ladies are trying to tell her about her constant, “Where’s Kim?” questions. Which are very true statements, but how can Lisa deny saying something, that she’s said EVERY SEASON, except maybe this one?

Kim says that Lisa hasn’t been there for anyone, which isn’t true. I think she’s been there for some of the ladies at one time of another, but then Lisa does something really nasty. She brings up Kim’s son. Shame on Lisa for going there. Kim calls Lisa and liar and says she doesn’t trust Lisa. Andy brings up Kim calling Ken a stubborn old man, which hurt Lisa’s feelings, as it would any wife. Kim explains that she just wanted Lisa to answer the question, and Ken kept jumping in and not wanting Lisa to answer. Kim is going on how Ken has this mean side to him, and saying how he snaps at her and is dismissive with her like Lisa is.

Lisa is getting agitated with Kim talking about Ken, and she then tells Kim to stop talking sh*t about him. Say what?! Lisa, held a lame little lunch to BASH Mauricio, when he wasn’t there, and now you’re crying when it’s been done to you, to your face? This is just another example of Lisa being able to dish it, but not being able to take it. She can talk crap about someone else’s husband, but don’t you dare speak of hers. Lisa wants Kim to apologize for everything she said, and Kim does. Now, Lisa, learn from it, and try it yourself, because you are not innocent. See how an adult apologizes, instead of justifying being rude?

Kim says Ken attacked her sobriety, and Lisa denied it, but the footage doesn’t lie. Ken DID question Kim’s sobriety, and Lisa should stop denying she said things, when clearly she doesn’t remember. Kim explains how she personally invited Lisa and she was hurt that Lisa lied about coming home early. Everyone is trying to explain to Lisa how she should have just been honest, but of course, Lisa doesn’t get it. Even Brandi reveals that Lisa admitted to her that she just got “busted” by Kim, and Lisa is still not budging.

It’s now time for Brandi’s World. Andy asks Brandi when things started going downhill for her, and Brandi mainly says it was due to her family. Yolanda answers a viewer’s question about Brandi’s drinking, and she says it makes her feel uncomfortable. Kyle thinks Brandi takes it too far. Andy then asks Joyce about her claiming that Brandi has a drinking problem, and Joyce stands by it. She says Brandi needs to look at her actions and take a step back. I agree. Brandi is embarrassing.

Things turn into Brandi saying she gets followed by paparazzi. Yeah right Brandi. You are only getting followed because you are the one making the calls. Joyce calls Brandi out on calling them to be there when she arrives, plus reveals that someone told her that’s exactly what Brandi does. Brandi says she doesn’t, but I don’t know if I believe her.

Andy then asks Joyce how she feels about Brandi playing the poor me card. Joyce gives an awesome answer about real single moms who are struggling, and it’s silent. Brandi has to wait for Yolanda to chime in, to respond. Joyce thinks Brandi plays the victim, and I think everyone else does too. Yolanda is being annoying and won’t butt out. I don’t recall Joyce chiming in when Yolanda was speaking about her problems to Lisa? Since Yolanda is the queen of etiquette, maybe she needs to let other people speak. Anyways, Andy then sides wit Joyce on how hypocritical Brandi was after she and Joyce made up. Brandi denies it, but too bad for her, it was on camera.

The second part of the reunion was a bit of a doozy, but next week, the ladies are joined by their husbands.

Thoughts on tonight’s reunion? Let’s Discuss!

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