AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Renee Graziano Still Relapsing; And Caught LYING About How Well Her Products Are Doing!


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Although we saw on the season 4 Mob Wives reunion, the entire cast makeup and agree to move on, it seems Renee Graziano just can’t do what she says. A week after the reunion Renee was already doing interviews trashing all the ladies, and saying how they are all jealous of her. Renee sat with her sister/producer, Jen Graziano, in the video below, and even went as far as blaming the “new producers,” for a lot of what went down. Well now, a source close to the Mob Wives, EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH, that Renee and her talk, are just that — TALK!

Our insider reveals,

“Renee and her sister Jen are both pathetic. Jen is money hungry, so she lets her sister go on these talk shows, and interviews, and lets her make an ass out of herself for a buck. Renee is a junkie who even admitted on national TV that she is still relapsing, and now that she’s been outed, she’s done interviews to accuse ALL the girls of being drug addicts. She yelled at Natalie (Guercio) for hurting her adult son, then she appears on Bethenny talking about Natalie’s son (who is still a kid), and calling her a bad mom. Everything Renee gets revealed for doing, she tries and brings someone else down with her. She’s a coward. She can never stand alone and accept her faults.”

So what about all the girls being jealous of this “empire,” Renee says she’s created? Our insider continues,

“Renee has an empire, like she’s sober. Total BS. Her dress line she boasted about on the show, didn’t even sell one dress. And her shoe line? And even bigger joke. Renee’s designer quit on her, because Renee is unstable, and didn’t work. Renee lived in her mom’s basement before she even appeared on the show, so she’s never had to work. She doesn’t know how to work. It’s like a foreign language to her. Just like on the show, when Renee gave the excuse of being the “bigger person,” and not wanting drama, as her excuse for not showing — ANOTHER LIE. Renee didn’t have anyone in her corner, so she would call the producers crying about not wanting to show up.”

Lastly, our source reveals how the girls really feel about Renee,

“They think she is a sad person, but aren’t worried about her trashing them, because they know she’s doing it to clear her name. I mean, when’s the last time you trusted what a drug addict had to say as the truth? They think it’s hilarious how one day she’ll do an interview talking calmly about them, and then do another one, another day, cussing up a storm trashing them. She’s just showing the world how unstable she is, and they are just sitting back laughing.”

Below is the interview Renee did with her sister a week after the reunion aired.

Not going to lie, I thought it was pretty hypocritical of Renee to cry with the girls, and then do an interview the very next week, saying the exact opposite. Renee just needs to get off reality TV and take care of herself. Do you think Renee needs to go to rehab? Or do you think she should continue being on TV?

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