Lisa Vanderpump Blames The Argument Between Kyle And Carlton On Kyle Richards!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump sure loves to keep the drama going with her former best friend Kyle Richards because she is now blaming the argument that Carlton and Kyle had on Kyle for bringing up the nipple-gate comment! Lisa says she can’t understand why Kyle continues to bring nipple-gate and compares the situation to Lisa talking about the cheating rumors with Kyle’s husband Mauricio. Lisa shockingly also justifies Carlton’s actions because Carlton obviously thought it was disrespectful of Kyle to speak about Lisa behind her back regarding the nipple-gate comment. See what Lisa had to say below

“Hello. So what do we have this week? Well it was Ken’s birthday. Kyle said that Mauricio had his a short while ago without celebrating so we decided to do a joint birthday. Ken would prefer that as he hates being the center of attention. I wanted to do something gorgeous in the garden, and Kyle and I met with Kevin Lee to organize something rather spontaneously. Everybody was invited, but sometimes it gets lost in the organization as to who is coming exactly. I didn’t understand Kyle’s negative comment about saying we wanted to plan it. Of course. as it was at my house I would have the responsibility, but I recall we had fun organizing it. . .

The night started of beautifully, laughs were had over Kevin and Jax — and all looked promising. Maybe it was a mistake to have Scheana there, but she and Brandi had been in the same company recently, at a lunch at Villa Blanca, without a problem. I insisted she stay in the kitchen and organize everything there as she has done on many occasions. Also I went to the length of employing two extra catering waiters so there would be no precarious exchanges at the table. She had always been remorseful of what had happened six years earlier, but now was engaged and I hoped it had come full circle.

The dinner was a rather gorgeous affair, but, unfortunately, when Kyle once again raises the subject of nipple-gate I know where this is going. It was embarrassing to be on the cover of a certain magazine, the same one that had written stories about Mauricio, stating I had a sex tape! I know it is nonsense and the only way to deal with this, as I have said to all of the women, is to ignore it. Don’t indulge in it, as tomorrow it will line the bottom of a parrot’s cage.

However for Kyle to keep bringing up the subject in company, I think many would take offense. I don’t. I laugh it off, but I wonder if the situation was reversed what the reaction would be?

Carlton had her own view on this matter. She felt it was bitchy and disrespectful to talk about me to somebody they had never met, especially in a public forum, about a matter I perhaps wanted to forget. And that is what had happened that time in the kitchen at Kyle’s house, she had raised the subject of her pregnant story. I tried to joke it off and give it the credibility it deserved — zero. Maybe I have a different outlook on life. Let things go. Who cares? But it is one of the things that is so irritating about this arena. But we can’t change it, so I have to find some humor in the situation.

That is why I believe they started on the wrong foot. . .it rapidly deteriorated and it was something I didn’t want to be in the middle of. Words were said that can’t be taken back, words that would create an even bigger rift in their relationship. . .Oh well we will see how this works out.”

Why in the world is Lisa even questioning why Kyle is bringing up nipple-gate? In the end of the day, Carlton has gone way too far and that’s all that should be said. The reason Kyle is CLEARLY bringing up nipple-gate is because it was something that Carlton got offended by so Kyle wanted Lisa present when she explained why she said it and to prove that she wasn’t trying to insult Lisa! If she was, she wouldn’t bring it up at the table. Regardless if Kyle brought anything up at the table, Carlton would have found away to stir some type of unnecessary thing. As for Scheana, personally I don’t think Lisa should be inviting her around Brandi. Brandi obviously has moved on but who would want to be in the presence of one of the chicks that your ex-husband was banging for 3 years while you were married to him? Any “best friend” should know better and Lisa has several people working for her yet she chooses to have Scheana cater the event? Wonder if the tables were turned if Lisa would have expected Pandora to suck it up if Scheana had had an affair with Jason while she was pregnant? Just not adding up. One last thing, there’s a difference about joking about an alleged sextape and questioning infidelity in front of someone’s child! Thoughts on Lisa’s point of view?

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