Mob Wives Recap: The Ladies Have A Rat In The Group Selling False Stories About Alicia DiMichele


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We start this week’s episode Drita calling Big Ang to tell her about a bad dream she had. Drita’s dreams are scary ’cause apparently they all come true! Alicia is at home and her brother stops by and they have an amazing relationship. They’re talking about her sentencing, and Alicia is having a hard time even talking about it. She doesn’t realize that she could possibly be sentenced to prison without say goodbye to her children and she’s terrified. I feel bad for her. I can’t imagine how much stress she’s under. Natalie goes over to Ang’s house to talk about the fight with Renee with her and Drita. Natalie apologizes to Ang and Drita for ruining their trip. She proceeds to tell them how Renee apologized to her and tells them Renee admitted to thinking she was just some girl off the street, so that was why she treated her the way she did. Natalie pretty much doesn’t think Renee’s apology was sincere.

Drita and Ang both say that Renee can’t get over anything, so they don’t think she’ll ever let the Natalie fight go. Ang is having dinner with her family and she is so funny. She’s screaming about the flies in her home, while talking with her son and daughter-in-law about the baby they’re expecting. Ang mentions that she wants a baby with her husband Neil and I think it needs to happen and be filmed — ALL NINE MONTHS. LOL Renee is hanging out with her son AJ and they’re talking about her fighting in Vegas with Natalie. Renee’s son is listening and he looks bored and annoyed that his mom acts more immature than a teenager. She says that she has to tell Natalie that she’s not allowed to work with Mob Candy anymore, and I’m confused. I think when Natalie told Renee, “You can stick your tacky Mob Candy up your a–,” that was her quitting. LOL AJ is such a sweet guy, and his mom should be lucky that he came out the way he did considering his parents are nut jobs.

Drita and Ang are meeting at a cafe and Ang pulls out a tabloid with Alicia inside and it’s a picture of Alicia and Drita in their bathing suits in Vegas. Drita is shocked, and Ang tells her that the article says that Alicia claims to have lied about visiting her son, and instead went to Vegas. Drita thinks that her dream was right, and Ang thinks that Alicia is going to go to jail. None of the ladies believe the story because they know how serious Alicia takes her case. Ang thinks somebody is a rat because the article has too many details that nobody would know unless they were with them. Like AHEM certain Graziano producer perhaps? I think it was planted to get a buzz about the show since three of the ladies with a fan base were fired.

Alicia meets up with Natalie to discuss the article and she is upset. Natalie asks her if anything in there is true, and Alicia denies it. She would be in jail if it were true, and she’s mad that someone is selling stories. Natalie is being a good friend and is ready to stick up for Alicia. Drita is hanging out with her youngest daughter Gizelle and she’s so cute. She has a personality like Drita and Drita wants to take her to an agent. Gizelle says she already has her own money and she empties out her piggy bank. LOL Alicia is meeting with her lawyer and she shows him the article. He explains to her that it could be damaging because it looks bad, and the judge can react negatively. Alicia is scared because her lawyer is confirming what she feared the most.

Ang is at her bar and she sees another article about Alicia, and it’s stating that she is lying about her income. I don’t think being on a TV show and already in the process of sentencing, she would do that. Another thing, who would have that kind of information as to how much she makes on Mob Wives, to be able to feed to the press? Ang is mad that someone is trying to mess with Alicia’s sentence. Eddie (Alicia’s husband) is angry that he’s away and can’t help her. Alicia is beyond angry because all the articles coming out are all lies, and it’s pissing off her judge. Drita is at Renee’s and they are talking about all the Alicia articles and Natalie. Ang calls and tells Renee and Drita that someone is planting stories about Alicia hiding money and while Drita looks shocked, Renee doesn’t. Renee says Alicia doesn’t have any money to hide since she’s a single mom. Ang continues to tell the girls that the judge called her lawyer and says they want Alicia in the courtroom within the end of the week.

The ladies are shocked because that usually means you are going to jail if the judge wants to see you before your actual court date. Alicia is visiting Drita at her house and she tells Drita how stressed she is. Alicia doesn’t like that someone is trying to paint her a certain way just for taking one trip. She’s about to cry and she’s wearing a “hot mess” shirt. (I don’t think she planned that.) Drita asks Alicia if she knows who is doing this, and Alicia says she’s pretty sure she knows who it is. Alicia points out that it’s somebody who clearly knows what’s going on with the Mob Wives and is very close to them.

Ang and Drita are meeting Renee for dinner. They are so shocked about all the articles coming out about Alicia and how the judge is moving up her sentencing. Renee stays quiet and then says that there’s a strong possibility that Alicia can go to jail. She points out like it’s not a big deal that all of the ladies have had people they love go to prison. Ang says that girls there are no joke and Drita points out that Alicia is not a fighter and a nice woman from a good family. While Drita is explaining what a good person Alicia is Renee interrupts and says that she’s guilty of “cooking the books” and Drita doesn’t believe it, because of the kind of girl Alicia is. Drita points out that Alicia’s husband Eddie wasn’t thinking when he put Alicia in that situation because he’s a criminal, and criminals don’t think. Renee then brings up one of Alicia’s tapes in her case, (which are confidential) and says that Alicia is quoted saying, “I know everything my husband does.” And Drita again points out that she would say the same thing too, because that’s how a lot of wives feel, before they find out their husband is a criminal.

Renee says that no woman in the mob lifestyle would ever claiming knowing what their husband does because that’s like saying you’re guilty. Ang tells the girls that they should all go see Alicia before sentencing to show her support. The ladies arrive at Alicia’s and she excuses her boys so she can talk with the ladies in private. They all immediately start talking about the articles and Alicia is telling them that if the judge wanted to, she could sentence Alicia up to five years. Alicia tells the ladies that she knows it’s not just a random reporter writing about her and it’s someone in the Mob Wives circle. Mind you, she’s staring at Renee as she’s saying this all, and Renee looks uncomfortable by the minute. Renee then asks Alicia, who would be feeding the tabloids information, and Alicia says nobody in her world would be doing that because they know the truth, and the truth isn’t what’s in those articles.

Renee tells Alicia not to insinuate anything because it’s going to make a bigger problem. Alicia tells her that the truth will come out and Eddie is going to deal with it when he gets home, which silences Renee. Drita then puts Renee on blast in front of Alicia about Renee telling the girls what’s on Alicia’s tapes. Alicia is shocked that Renee would know that considering it’s confidential. Renee looks terrified when Drita calls her out. Alicia is furious and questioning Renee about who would have access to those tapes besides her, her husband and her attorney. Renee says a few people have them. I call BS. They would’ve already leaked along with those false articles. Renee refuses to tell Alicia who told her, ’cause she’s a noble rat. Alicia doesn’t understand how Renee can say she’s her friend, but at the same time keep protecting someone she knows is trying to hurt Alicia, and gossip about her case. Alicia has Renee scared and you can see it all over her face. Renee looks GUILTY.

Stay tuned, next week the drama continues.

I do think Renee and her sister had something to do with those articles. Alicia is not a huge celebrity and wasn’t at the time to have stories out about her left and right. I think she was set up to create a buzz for the show since her story is pretty much carrying this show. Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Who do you think the “Rat” is? Let’s Discuss!

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