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Mob Wives Star Natalie Guercio Calls Karen Gravano A Pig!


Ever since being fired from the show Mob Wives, Karen Gravano has been trying to use the new ladies on the show to keep herself relevant, and this time she went after new cast member Natalie Guercio! Karen tweeted Natalie calling her a rat, and even attacking her family, but of course, Natalie responded to her claims and even called her a PIG! Check it OUT

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I think it’s pathetic that Karen has to fight with people on Twitter (just like she did on TV) to try and stay relevant. She needs to move on, and grow up. What’s even more disgusting is that her teen daughter follows her on Twitter and sees her mother acting like this ALL THE TIME. Thoughts on what Karen had to say about Natalie? Do you think she’s using the new girls to stay relevant?

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