AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Mob Wives’ Renee Graziano Is Labeled A Low-Life THIEF!


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Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano, is not only pissing off her co-stars with her crazy antics, and unstable behavior, but it seems she is also pissing off people for being a THIEF! Sources EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH, that Renee not only ripped off her “Mob Candy” shoe line, but she now is trying to cash in on the word “Delicious,” which was started by her co-star Natalie’s (Guercio) comments on the show!

Our insiders reveal, “Renee is such a fraud. She claims to be the Queen of all things Mob, but she’s a dirty thief. She was on the cover of Mob Candy before she even came out with her shoe line, and she stole the name for her company, and pretended she was never on the cover. They never even wanted Renee. They actually wanted Karen Gravano, so they were nice enough to still let Renee be on the cover, and she paid them back by stealing their name. She tried to give this lame excuse about liking candy and the different colors of candy. Mob Candy belongs to a magazine, not low-life Renee Graziano.”

A photo of the magazine cover is below

renee mob candy cover 2

Not only did Renee steal the name “Mob Candy” for her shoe line, but she also, stole the idea of Natalie Guercio and cashing in on the “Delicious” debacle. Our source continued, “Renee hated when Natalie said the word delicious, she made such a big deal about it. Heck, she even dragged it out for FIVE episodes. Now Renee, is trying to sell shirts that have Delicious on them, and how you don’t say it to somebody’s man. Michael was NEVER Renee’s man. She’s delusional. Michael thinks she’s a crazy bat. Natalie actually already made a song, and a video for the word, but of course, Renee GREEDiano, had tacky shirts made. She also even tried taking a dig, and making a shirt about Alicia’s current court case. All the girls think she’s desperate for a dollar, and thinks she’s disgusting for trying to profit off of what Alicia is going through.”

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Wow. I can’t believe Renee did that to the magazine that let her be on the cover. And to think she actually choked Natalie for the word “delicious” and now she’s trying to profit off of it? What do you guys think of Renee’s actions? Do you think she’s a thief?

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