AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Renee Graziano DUMPED For Being Crazy; Plus Find Out What Her Co-Stars Really Think Of Her!


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We’ve all watched how crazy this season of Mob Wives has been, and we are only about four or five episodes in! A lot of drama has happened between co-stars, Renee Graziano and Natalie Guercio, but sources EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH, that a lot of the drama is not what you think, and Renee is not only driving her cast members nuts, but she also is obsessed with one in particular!

Our insiders reveal, “She went off the deep end because Michael (The guy Renee was dating) wanted no parts of her. He ran from her. He was so disgusted and turned off by how she acted. It had nothing to do with Natalie (Guercio) saying, ‘delicious.’ She’s just embarrassed and doesn’t want to admit it, so she blamed Natalie for being dumped.”

Not only did Renee make an enemy out of Natalie, but it seems she also hates another one of her Mob Wives co-stars. Our insider continued, “Renee is so obsessed with Alicia (DiMichele). That’s all she talks about. She talks about Alicia to anyone who will listen because she is jealous of her. All the girls are sick of it. They think she is crazy and needs to be in a padded room.”

Btw, if you aren’t familiar with the newbies Renee is fighting with, check out the pic below

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And what set Renee off even more during the last episode with the Vegas brawl? “Renee was mad because the rest of the ladies were having fun in Vegas. She really lost it when Natalie said, ‘Who the f— is Renee Graziano?’ She really thinks highly of herself, and is irritated that nobody gives a sh– about who she ‘IS.'”

Wow, the drama is heating up fast on this show! Thoughts on Renee being dumped? Do you think it was Natalie’s fault that Michael ran?

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