AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Alicia DiMichele Did NOT Cheat On Her Husband; Plus Karen Gravano Bitter About Being Fired!


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Mob Wives New Blood, is back for season 4 and the newbies are bringing the fire. There is one newbie in particular though, who has created a big buzz, and that is Alicia DiMichele. There have been many rumors circulating on social media about Alicia from her relationship with EX-Mob Wives cast member, Karen Gravano, her family life, and even her love life. But AllAboutTRH, is here to put those rumors to rest!

Our Mob Wives sources reveal EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTRH all the details regarding Karen Gravano and the false rumors she’s been spreading on Twitter, to her claims against Alicia saying,

“Alicia is too classy to do a Twitter war. That’s why you never see her entertaining Karen’s lies about her. Jennifer Graziano (the executive producer) has been friends with Alicia’s husband for over 30 years and wanted her on the show. Jennifer knew he would never want Alicia on the same show as Karen, because of their family history, and it’s common sense that a victim of a family member would never be on the same show together. So, after Karen was fired from Mob Wives, Jennifer knew that it was the perfect time to cast Alicia on the show.”

The source continues,

“Alicia doesn’t need Karen for a ‘storyline’ or fame. Alicia has had her own story for four years. She made it onto the cover of the New York Post because of herself, not because of Karen. She mentioned Karen in one episode. Now Karen is using that to ride Alicia’s coattails because she’s not on TV anymore. Her actions on Twitter and the way she’s constantly tweeting about Alicia prove that.”

Karen not only has been tweeting like crazy about Alicia’s family, but she’s even went a step further and accused her of sleeping with a married man. Our sources add,

“First of all, how do you cheat on someone you’re not even with anymore? Karen saying she’s been cheating with a married man is another rumor she doesn’t need to defend. Alicia heard those wiretaps over three years ago, and hasn’t been with her husband since then. Alica, Eddie, and Alicia’s family know the truth, so that’s all that matters. She would like to share that part of her life, but it’s not her priority right now. Alicia still respects and supports her husband. She would never bad mouth her children’s hero, just to prove Karen Gravano wrong. Her kids are more important than Karen’s tweets.”

So how does Alicia feel about Karen now? Our sources say,

“She actually wishes her well. She agrees with Karen supporting her father, and that it’s good that she has forgiven him, since she too is all about forgiveness, which you will see in the show. Alicia just thinks that Karen gloated about her father without acknowledging the victims. She doesn’t have any animosity or hard feelings towards Karen. Karen just hates that she was replaced by someone from a family she doesn’t like. She only has herself to blame for being fired. Alicia stepped in and is a breath of fresh air to Mob Wives. She’s an actual mob wife.

Despite all the lies and rumors being put out there about Alicia, our sources tell us that the true person she is, has everything to do with her boys and being a mom, they say,

“Alicia has the most unique relationship with all of her boys. She has always been honest with all of her kids. They take care of her. They know how strong she is, and they look up to her. Alicia is a strong woman. Her main focus is always what’s best for the kids. Most women would send their husband divorce papers and never talk to them again, but her kids are too important to her to do that. I think her coming on Mob Wives and telling her story, will show everyone just that.”

I think that Karen is indeed trying to use Alicia to keep herself relevant. Right now Alicia’s story is the main focus of the Mob Wives show, so she is trying to attach herself to Alicia’s story. Alicia remaining focused on her kids and staying strong for them despite someone constantly slandering her, says a lot about her character. I look forward to seeing the rest of her journey on this season of Mob Wives. Are you guys tuning in?

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