RHOA Recap: Mama Joyce Comes Face To Face With Kandi’s Man!


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On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Park leaves Atlanta to go too Alabama to study for her upcoming exam! Apollo and Phaedra have been having their ups and downs ever since the whole Kenya/Apollo situation so Apollo decides to get advice from Peter, Cynthia’s husband. Peter makes Apollo realize that he was in the wrong explaining that Apollo needs to put himself in Phaedra’s situation. Honestly I think Phaedra handled the whole Kenya/Apollo situation pretty well. If that was me, Apollo would be out of the house! Apollo seems to be grasping what Peter is saying and understanding. I think it helps to hear another mans opinion on the matter.

Kenya has officially moved into her home that she rented and I could care less to discuss it.

Cynthia is stressing because her daughter has revealed she has been dating and NeNe tries to give Cynthia some advice.Cynthia decides to invite her daughter Noelle’s boyfriend and his parents to come over for a chat. Personally, I think she has gone too far. They’re 13 and she should talk to her daughter and that’s it. More than likely these kids will stop dating within a few months anyways.

Kandi is having dinner with Todd when she brings up her mother. Something tells me Todd is not going to like this topic. She starts explaining to Todd all the negative things her mother has been saying about him and as expected, he becomes angry. He believes this is all becoming too far and thinks that if it continues it’ll be sad if Kandi looses out to a good man all because of her mom. Kandi then invites her mother over so that all three of them could talk it out.

Porsha is contemplating whether she should move out of her mothers home. When all is said and done, she realizes that she wants to stay at her moms for the time being.

Mama Joyce come’s over to Kandi’s and is ready to talk. She starts off by being extremely rude to Todd even ignoring him. Mama Joyce then brings up a friend who is Kandi’s longtime friend that also happens to work for her. Mama Joyce speculates something by saying Kandi’s friend has been hanging out around the house too much and even hanging with Todd. Mama Joyce stresses that she just wants Kandi to find a man who makes the same amount of money as her daughter does. This is just ridiculous because Kandi makes a LOT of money and a normal guy doesn’t make that much. Mama Joyce ends up saying she will be open-minded but she is still concerned about Todd and Kandi’s friend.

I think Mama Joyce doesn’t have the best interest for Kandi and in the end is going to lose her daughter. Kandi will more than likely stick with her husband (Todd-if they marry) and will have had enough of her mothers negative attitude…only time will tell. Thought’s on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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